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Save Money While Maintaining Your Home

For many people, a home will be the single largest purchase that they will ever make. It is critical to understand that if you do not maintain your home adequately, there’s a strong chance it will decrease in value with the passing of time and as a result will be much more difficult to sell. Also, your costs for maintenance can skyrocket when your poorly maintained home becomes damaged from water or something else that is the result of poor maintenance.

Energy and Appliances

Your appliances are responsible for a large part of your energy bill. If you are lucky enough to live in a deregulated state, like Texas, you will be able to choose your energy provider and get the best rates by using a helpful link online. For those of us who are not that fortunate, think about keeping your appliances cleaned so that they will be able to function efficiently. Things like cleaning the condenser coils in your refrigerator, setting the fridge to the proper temperature, making sure the lint trap in your dryer is clean, and using your washer and dryer efficiently can make more of a difference than you might realize. This will do more than simply saving you when it comes to your energy bill, though. It will make your appliances last longer, too.


What does your roof have to do with maintaining your home? Only everything! If your roof is leaking, the integrity of your home is compromised. Everything in your home can be damaged. Your home will also be susceptible to infestation by all manner of insects and critters. Roofs keep the weather out and the contents of your home, as well as you and your family, safe and warm and dry.

Therefore, the importance of keeping your roof maintained should be more than obvious. It doesn’t matter if you have a shake or shingle roof, or if you have solar panels installed, or even if you have a white painted roof to keep the heat out, your roof should always be kept in top condition. Get up there at least once or twice a year to check for any damage to it. Clean out the gutters and sweep the roof off while you are up there. Check the chimney(s) for damage too while you are at it. Give it a thorough once over and if it needs attention or repairs, make sure that it gets whatever is needed before it is too late and you end up having to replace the entire roof.

Other Outdoor Maintenance Issues

There are many things that need to be done on a yearly basis when it comes to a home. Aside from checking out the roof, yearly maintenance issues can include but are not limited to things like:

  • Making sure that each and every one of the windows in the home is safe and secure and that the paint on them is not deteriorating. Also, check to make sure that the seals around them are air tight. If they are not, you might want to caulk them so that you will be saving money on your energy bills.
  • Inspect the exterior of your home for cracks or other places where water can get into the home. If there are any leaks found, they need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid any damage. Also, while we are talking about water, check out all of the taps, faucets, and visible pipes inside and outside of the home for any dripping and or leaks. Aside from these being able to be responsible for costly water damage, they can also lead to the formation of mold that can be hazardous to your health and that of your family.
  • While you are going around the house checking the windows, also check on the doorways. Many times, doors and windows are the source of air leaks – air going into or coming out of your home. These can typically be fixed by some simple caulking and can save you a considerable amount in terms of your energy bills since you will no longer be heating and cooling the outside.