Aids to lithium batteries for installations of solar panels in Catalonia

Ayudas a las baterías de litio para instalaciones de placas solares en Cataluña

The Generalitat through the Catalan Energy Institute (Icaen) has activated the subsidies for lithium ion batteries for solar self-consumption facilities. This line of aid that is aimed at individuals and neighborhood communities, has an economic support amounting to € 360,000.

With this measure, the Government seeks to promote the installation of solar panels on roofs and roofs of houses and buildings, also enhancing the advantages of this type of facilities by enabling the storage of energy to be consumed both day and night. For the Catalan Institute of Energy, this is a preliminary step to the creation of solar communities that exchange energy, whether they are citizens or industries.

The grants will cover 70% of the cost of the batteries and associated equipment, with a maximum of € 5,000 per installation and applications can now be submitted. The objective of Icaen is to guarantee the right of citizens to produce, store and share their energy while Catalonia moves towards a renewable, distributed and democratic energy model.


This line of subsidies for self-consumption comes from the work carried out in the context of the Taula d’impuls to the photovoltaic self-consumption of Catalonia, promoted by the Catalan Institute of Energy and which brings together representatives of municipal administrations, professionals and users. The objective of this table is none other than to eliminate the different regulatory, administrative, economic and knowledge barriers that hinder the generalization of this practice and reaffirms the commitment of the Government of Catalonia with a new energy model.

As indicated by the Icaen in its communiqué, the synergies between the different agents of the Table for Promoting Self-consumption , as well as the unequivocal interest of the Government in advancing the use of solar energy, have led to the emergence of business collaborations between suppliers of batteries, engineers, distributors, electrical traders and financing entities, who work to develop new and innovative business models, essential to advance in the democratization of renewable energies and that with these grants will see their initiatives strengthened.


With the clear objective of creating solar communities, the Government of Catalonia marks a way forward for the rest of the country in which it is committed without complexes to an energy model based on solar self-consumption , promoting a green and sustainable future.

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