“In general, they are very good quality clients, with very clear and well informed ideas about photovoltaics and its benefits.” – Green Energy Quantum

Meet our solar energy companies – Quantum Energía Verde

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Today, we talk to one of our solar energy companies in Seville. We will talk about his beginnings, his services, the future of the sector and his experience with us after a year on the platform.

1.- Tell us, how did Quantum Energía Verde arise?

Quantum Energía Verde was created at the end of 2016 by the union of a team of Andalusian industrial engineers who are experts in the field of renewables, who have developed their professional careers in multinationals such as Abengoa, Isolux Corsán or Solar Century, managing large-scale projects international.

This acquired knowledge is what we now want to transfer to the industrial and residential sector in Andalusia, offering energy solutions adjusted to the needs of each family and company.

2.- Why did you decide to bet on solar self-consumption?

Andalusia has one of the best performance ratios in Europe for the use of solar energy, together with the cheaper cost of materials in recent years makes this type of facilities very profitable investments for homes and businesses. There is also ‘everything to do’ in this field, so it is also a good contribution to reduce the dependence on foreign energy, and do it in a clean and sustainable way.

3.- What has been the path of Quantum Energía Verde until 2018?

From the beginning we make a great effort to publicize the possibilities of photovoltaic self – consumption , disseminating its benefits and advantages in a didactic way, addressing and trying to solve the myths and legends that revolve around photovoltaics and the aspects that have limited its growth in recent years. We try to offer quality information to anyone interested in these systems and, of course, we are an installation company and with much effort and dedication we are developing many facilities at the residential and industrial level.

4.- Do you offer other services besides photovoltaic energy?

At Quantum Energía Verde we are ‘by and for’ photovoltaics and self-consumption. We specialize in installations for residential, company and solar pumping, both in grid-connected or isolated installations, and we exclusively dedicate ourselves to this.

5.- After some difficult times, are you noticing a change in the perception of the population regarding photovoltaic self-consumption?

Fruit of the deep ecological and environmental awareness of the Andalusians little by little we are observing how there is a positive approach to photovoltaic self-consumption as a clean, green, sustainable and viable energy alternative. This is compounded by the boredom of citizens with electricity companies and the continuous increase in the electricity bill that makes them look for ways to be more efficient with energy consumption at home. In addition, from Quantum we made many efforts to demolish myths and legends about this technology as the issue of the nonexistent ‘sun tax’ or the general perception that these facilities have a very high cost. All this makes Andalusians increasingly interested in finding ways to reduce electricity bills at home and do it in a clean and sustainable way with renewable energies such as photovoltaics.

6.- What period of amortization can a standard client expect when requesting a quote? And an industrial client?

Currently, both companies and individuals in Andalusia can count on a subsidy that covers up to 45% of the cost of photovoltaic solar panel installations , so that, depending on each case, both private and business investments can be amortized between 4-7 years, if the accumulation systems with lithium-ion batteries are added to the facilities, the amortization period is extended between 5-8 years.

7.- In your opinion, what should change or what measures should be implemented so that the sector can take off?

There are many measures that would help boost the sector without resorting to incentives or subsidies: simplify administratively the legalization of facilities, regulate the collective or shared use of energy, eliminate the obligation to install a 2nd meter, implement some formula of ‘ net balance ‘, to make the legal limits for the installations more flexible, to subsidize the photovoltaic at municipal or local level or simply to give greater political and media diffusion to the advantages and benefits of the photovoltaic as clean and green energy for all.

8.- When do you expect a true photovoltaic “boom” to take place in Spain?

The high energy cost of families, together with the growing environmental awareness and the cheaper cost of installing photovoltaic solar panels, suggests that in the next decade many families and companies can join the photovoltaic current.


Now, let’s talk about your relationship with SotySolar:

9: – How did you know us?

Well, like almost everything today on the internet. So in the summer of 2017 we learned about the start-up of Soty Solar through news in digital media.

10.- Why did you decide to try it?

We thought it was very interesting that there was a portal like Soty Solar specialized in solar energy, with good web quality, good content and aimed at bringing exclusively to citizens especially interested in photovoltaic energy with companies specialized in the sector.

11.- What type of publicity did you do before using our services?

Traditional offline advertising and some online activity in other more general portals.

12.- What advantages do you consider that SotySolar has contributed to your business?

In addition to providing contact with citizens very interested in photovoltaics, they provide us with knowledge about the state of the sector, technical and political developments, always with a very careful and close treatment.

13.- How would you rate the clients that come to you from our platform?

In general, they are very good quality customers, with very clear and well informed ideas about photovoltaics and its benefits.

14.- Is there any experience with an owner acquired in SotySolar that you wish to share?

All customers feel very satisfied with their facilities. We speak mainly of individuals who already knew the photovoltaic and waited for a specialist company to carry out the project, something that with the relationship through Soty Solar they got.

By sharing the experience of some of them, we have a family in the province of Málaga who, shortly after starting up their installation with batteries, wanted to expand the accumulation system, because despite being covering more than 80% of their energy consumption in The house still produced more energy than it used, and of course, they did not want to waste even one kWh of energy from their photovoltaic installation.

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