Is it time to switch to self-consumption?

Generate your own electricity with a self-consumption installation at an affordable price and in a simple way it is possible

Generate your own electricity with a self-consumption installation at an affordable price and in a simple way it is possible


Lately it is common to see in the news different opinions regarding self-consumption ; the legislative changes proposed by the Government, the disappearance of the sun tax and the lack of energy culture of a large part of this society (it is true that the Spanish electricity market is a very complex issue). For this reason, many of you are not clear whether putting solar panels in your home is a solution that adapts to your savings needs.

If you have a single-family home, are the owner of a company or reside in a community of owners, it is time to switch to self-consumption . Given the imminent arrival of the new regulatory framework for photovoltaic self-consumption, the obstacles to self-consumption – the famous “sun tax” – and the administrative barriers will be eliminated and, in addition, shared self-consumption will be allowed in the neighborhood communities . It is time for you to begin to consider self-consumption with solar panels as the best investment to save on your electricity bill.

With self-consumption you will save more than 35% on your bill


The continued fall in the prices of photovoltaic technology (solar panels, solar inverters and batteries) together with the continuous increases in the electricity bill make self-consumption with solar energy the best possible solution. This month of August was the month with the highest light bill in history and forecasts indicate that the upward trend will continue.

Keep in mind that you only need 6 photovoltaic solar panels -1.5 kW of power- that occupy about 10 square meters of your roof, to get very interesting savings during the 30 years of useful life of the solar photovoltaic installation.

How can you go to self-consumption?

If you decide to join us to get savings on your expenses, you will receive free advice, information on subsidies and existing aid in each municipality and autonomous community, which will lower the price of your self-consumption installation even more. For all this, we have the best network of installers of certified solar panels in the country. Contact us if you are looking for quality and guarantees.

New record temperatures: the sun shines more than ever

The University of Southampton and Brest University have published a new study stating that due to climate change the next five years will be even hotter. This year, the record for average global temperatures will be broken again.

The more hours of sun we have in our country, the more we can take advantage of the benefits of self-consumption and curb climate change.

Today is the day to switch to self-consumption


Solar energy is the best renewable alternative that exists. With an installation of solar panels you will save money on your electricity bill. You will be able to further maximize this savings, using smart batteries , using appliances with the A, A + or A ++ energy certification and changing your consumption habits.

At SotySolar we are here to help you make the best possible decision without compromise.

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