New way to save money in light with self-consumption

Nueva forma de ahorrar dinero en luz con el autoconsumo

The platform allows consumers and companies to evaluate their options for solar self-consumption, obtain quotes from previously selected installers and analyze their financing options.

In SotySolar you can compare different offers of solar self-consumption of multiple installers in order to find the best offer.

The objective of the start-up of the initiative is because the process of purchasing the self – consumption facilities is as simple as booking a hotel or a flight over the Internet, thanks to a very simple and intuitive website that changes by complete the renewable market.

The platform provides all the information necessary for homeowners, businesses and neighborhood communities to make the right decision in a segment yet to be discovered by a large percentage of consumers who want to bet on self-consumption , renewable energy and savings. On the web, you can compare the different options of solar panels ; explore financing methods; discover an estimate of your possible savings with the change; Consult professional advisors the option that best suits your needs; know the local incentives and subsidies; as well as receiving self-consumption proposals from qualified and trusted solar panel installers.

Many people are paying more than they should and are trapped in financing that does not suit their needs due to bad advice that we intend to eradicate completely with our appearance. “This was explained by Edgar Imaz, COO of SotySolar. the same approach as to make any other purchase or investment: to make those interested know all their options. “

Compare your options before choosing

By entering your address, the platform will calculate the potential of your ceiling and the estimated cost of the system. If you like the estimate, you can register your home on the platform and receive quotes from previously certified solar panel installers . “By creating competition among installers, better prices are obtained than the average market,” said the expert Imaz.

And not only end customers will benefit from the platform. Solar panel installers will have access to a large amount of potential demand on their services, which will help them reduce customer acquisition costs. With SotySolar, the sales cycles of solar energy companies can be reduced by up to 70% and their customer acquisition costs would fall by more than 50% compared to other traditional channels.

Self-consumption and solar energy can be complicated issues, with a lot of bureaucracy, and high investment, which is why SotySolar wants to bet on information, transparency and simplicity to facilitate its adoption.

About SotySolar

SotySolar is an integrating platform that connects people, companies and organizations interested in selfconsumption solutions, with qualified installers, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and financial providers. SotySolar’s main objective is to make it easy and encourage self-consumption through photovoltaic solar energy installations. SotySolar simplifies the complex solar industry by providing unbiased tools and information that allow users to fully understand equipment and financing options, as well as their return on investment scenarios.

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