Self-consumption, the best way to save on the electricity bill

What is self-consumption? How does it help you save on the electricity bill? How much has the electricity bill gone up in recent years? Why are the big electric companies of our country now betting on self-consumption, if a few years ago they represented the greatest threat to their development?

Self-consumption, the best way to save in light

<strong>Self-consumption, the best way to save in light</strong>

Solar energy is the future, because of its multiple benefits, and it is the path towards a new energy model in which each person can manage and own their own energy, being freer and becoming a prosumer, an active part of the system.

More and more people are considering taking the step towards photovoltaic self-consumption, but the lack of information on solar energy, the lack of knowledge of the necessary investment or what the savings in the electricity bill would be , generate a lot of uncertainty.

Let’s start with the two types of photovoltaic selfconsumption that exist:

  • Self-consumption isolated, disconnected from the network, which will be the model that is implanted in the medium term when the solar batteries are more competitive. In this case, the energy saving that is produced is on the totality of the invoice, since this disappears and you happen to pay an authentic barbarity to never pay nothing more.
  • and self-consumption connected to the grid, where the electricity network complements your energy demand. Currently, this option is the most profitable for the vast majority of our customers, where in 98% of cases the famous sun tax is not applied . In this case, there is a saving in the variable cost of energy, and performing an optimization of power also in the fixed charge of contracted power. That is to say, you will save in all the sections of your electricity bill.

Whatever option you choose, you will always get an economic and environmental benefit immediately with your installation of solar panels . The best way to see it is with the photovoltaic system installed to one of our clients.


Juan settled down in a detached house in Madrid and saw how he continually paid more and more, for his electricity bill. For this reason, he installed a self-consumption installation connected to a 2 kW network, composed of 8 solar panels that has provided an annual saving of € 650 / year, which means saving 38% of his electricity bill at a cost about € 6,000 that will take less than 10 years to pay off, – solar-panel installations have a useful life of over 25 years.

Evolution of the price of the electricity bill

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To understand the photovoltaic boom that will occur in the coming years, it is necessary to take these factors into account. The prices of solar panels are getting smaller and the price of the electricity bill is increasing. Therefore, having an installation of solar panels is the best solution to avoid paying the disproportionate electricity bills.

The increase in the price of electricity is reflected in the latest report presented by FACUA-Consumers in action; since 2005, electricity has risen 450 € per year . In addition, the price of the kW has increased more than 150% from € 1.78 to € 4.46. Additionally, as of 2017, we have already suffered an increase of 10%, which reduces the income of Spanish families.

If as we are seeing, self-production of energy only brings benefits, and with current prices it is almost impossible not to save light with photovoltaic energy.

Why have the electricity companies and the government stopped the development of self-consumption?

During the last few years, the big electric companies of our country have been influencing the government’s decisions to slow down the development of selfconsumption . But why do they do this? The answer is simple!

The big electricity companies made large investments in their combined cycle power plants at the beginning of the century, and they needed a period of time to be able to amortize them, which is why, due to the great influence they have, they have pressured our government to stop the advance of photovoltaics. With this brake, they have managed to prepare themselves for the new energy paradigm change that is approaching. Realizing that the democratization of energy , distributed generation and renewable energies are already a reality, and have come to stay, they have begun to bet on solar energy and encourage its use.  


However, and for the moment, none of these large electric companies sells 100% green energy, and until that moment their commitment to the environment comes, it will not be total.

The time has come to recover lost time and to bet on a change in the energy model, promoting a green and sustainable future, where solar energy will play a fundamental role. And remember, it’s time to democratize energy, to share resources, to abandon fossil fuels and to bet on photovoltaic solar energy.


3 easy steps to save on your electricity bill

  • Go to self-consumption . Install solar panels on the roof of your home and you will significantly reduce your electricity bill. In addition, if you adapt your consumption habits to the hours of the sun, you will experience even greater savings.
  • Hire a time discrimination rate (DHA). When you have a self-consumption installation connected to the network, it is the cheapest rate. This rate establishes two bands, with a price each. The cheap strip is nocturnal (when your solar panels do not produce electricity), and it goes from 10 at night to 12 in the morning in winter. In summer, it goes on until 11 at night. During the day you will have free energy from your solar panels and at night you will pay a small price for equipment that works all day, such as the refrigerator.
  • Lower the contracted power . The power is the electrical capacity you have contracted and that allows you to activate several teams at once. Most households need less power than they have contracted. The less power you have contracted, the less fixed cost you will have to pay, but you should not drastically reduce your power for two reasons: 1) the installed power in your photovoltaic installation should be less than the contracted power and 2) any peak of consumption would imply that you the leads will jump.

Therefore, getting savings on your electric bill is a simple process if you have the help of qualified professionals. If you want to receive a self-consumption budget without commitment, click here .


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