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Edgar Imaz, partner of SotySolar, exhibited in Cadena SER, with Angels Barceló and Rafa Bernardo, the differential values ​​of our Company that provide energy savings in homes and companies.

Angels Barceló: The issue now has to do with innovation and development, specifically in the world of energy. Rafa Bernardo : Yes, because we are going to talk about solar energy, electric self-consumption, and a platform that promises to be the point of reference for all our doubts in this matter. From how it works the issue of installing panels for our house, to the savings that are generated.

Rafa Bernardo: What are you doing at SotySolar?

Edgar Imaz: To put it very simply, we are a for solar energy. Through our platform, a client solves all the doubts he has about solar energy, receives a real-time profitability study, and then receives and compares the offer of several of our installers, who are the best in the market.

In addition, our customers have a simple and transparent purchasing process, obtain substantial savings on the electricity bill in a manner that respects the environment and also have the highest quality photovoltaic equipment.

Finally, we say that we offer different forms of financing and we carry out all the legal procedures as well as manage the subsidies.

Angels Barceló: Why is this company born? Where does this interest in solar energy come from?

Edgar Imaz: The three promoters of this project – Hipólito Álvarez, Daniel Fernández and I – were collaborating on another renewable energy project and, being involved in this project, we detected a need. More and more people were fed up with how high the electricity bill was.

As you can see every month it keeps increasing, and they did not know what to do to reduce it. Then we, as we had that knowledge, because it was the way we started SotySolar, to end these problems. And focusing everything on the solar self-consumption.


Angels Barceló: What kind of people are interested in you, for the solar self-consumption?

Edgar Imaz:   We cover different types of clients, the owner of a single-family home that wants to put some plates on its roof, neighborhood communities and SMEs. While it is true that the vast majority of customers we are receiving are owners of single-family homes.

Rafa Bernardo: As a help or as a disincentive to the current regulation, the use of solar energy in its self-consumption mode?

Edgar Imaz: Okay (this one I know) – This regulation about all he did was cause unfounded fear in the population. Self-consumption, despite what people think, is legal and profitable. And the famous sun tax that everyone talks about does not apply in 98% of cases. In that 2 that applies, even so, you keep earning money and being profitable.

Angels Barceló: Let’s go to a number about SotySolar, how long have you been running? In what geographical area do you arrive?

Edgar Imaz: We started with the company a little over a year ago, with the first studies and validation of the market. From January 2017 we started with the developments of the platform, and we are fully operational since May of this year.

We are happy that even though all the beginnings are very hard, we already have a presence throughout Spain. We have more than 25 professionals on our platform and sales are growing week by week.

Rafa Bernardo: How far do you want to go? What is your aspiration or your objective?

Edgar Imaz: If we talk in the medium term, in 2018 what we seek is to consolidate ourselves in the national market and expand internationally.

Our mission as a company is to change the energy model that currently exists, promoting green energy and self-consumption. That each person can manage and own their own energy, democratizing it, and converting people into prosumers.  

Rafa Bernardo: What are the main doubts about solar energy and its world with which you find yourself?

Edgar Imaz: The biggest doubt is the sun tax – laughs – but then if we find a lot of doubts of any scope. Depending on whether your home is suitable, that is, if you have good guidance and good conditions to put plates. What is the saving that they will have and the subsidies that apply or if they do not get paid. They are very varied doubts. Each client in this case is a world.

Angels Barceló: Edgar Imaz, founder of Sotysolar, thank you very much for being with us today.

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