“Talking with the SotySolar team gave us the confidence to do it” – AMM Capital

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Today, we talk to one of our solar energy companies in Bizkaia and Madrid. We will talk about its beginnings, its services, the future of the sector and its experience with us after a month on the platform.

1.- Tell us, how did AMM Capital arise?

AMM Capital arises in 2011 due to the interest of a group of professionals with long experience in the renewable energy sector to unite their capacities to develop projects that add value to society and its customers.

2.- Why did you decide to bet on solar self-consumption?

We bet for the self-consumption of municipalities, towns, urbanizations and industries in its beginnings not only in Spain, then to see the complexity of the regulations, the problems that were presented to make them and more recently the variants of being able to offer global energy self-consumption that includes electricity, air conditioning and electric vehicle charging we decided to include it in our activities taking into account the challenge of its long-term profitability.

3.- How has the path of AMM Capital been until reaching 2018?

AMM Capital’s path up to now has been in keeping with the times, with difficulties but always growing, with the satisfaction of having a group of clients who count on us again and again for new projects, to keep the built ones, to advise them in negotiations … we have gained their trust and respect in our profession and most importantly, with a united human team and highly integrated as a team.

4.- Do you offer other services besides photovoltaic energy?

We offer services in wind, mini-hydro, energy storage, energy management systems and network integration.

5.- After some difficult times, are you noticing a change in the perception of the population regarding photovoltaic self-consumption?

In this year we noticed a growing interest in the installation of self-consumption systems although the regulations do not facilitate it, we suppose that it helps that the professionals of the sector have internalized it and looked for solutions, as far as possible, to its restrictions. On the other hand, the price of solar panels has decreased in the last years making the installations less expensive.

6.- What period of amortization can a standard client expect when requesting a quote? And an industrial client?

The amortization always depends on the consumption habits, whether they are diurnal or nocturnal, with purely diurnal habits it is amortized in 4-7 years, if it is residential that always has a significant night component between 8 and 12 years. The key is to use that energy of light at the time of generation to generate ACS or air conditioning, be it cold or heat or load vehicles. Keep in mind that costs of electricity, natural gas and fossil fuels are reduced. If you want to use solar energy at night through storage, the amortization is between 15 and 18 years old, the positive is that it almost does not consume electricity from the network, obtaining greater savings.

7.- In your opinion, what should change or what measures should be implemented so that the sector can take off?

In order for the sector to take off, the limitation of installing up to 5kW on solar panels in single-phase installations must be eliminated, and the population must be educated on the possibility of using self-consumption as energy, not just electricity.

8.- When do you expect a true photovoltaic “boom” to take place in Spain?

We hope that there will be a boom when the regulations change if the general economic conditions of the country are maintained as in the last 2 years.

Now, let’s talk about your relationship with SotySolar :

9: – How did you know us?

We met SotySolar online.

10.- Why did you decide to try it?

We decided to try it in the presence of customers, unusual, near our headquarters for self-consumption. We had tried another website with very bad results in terms of the existence of true customers and we were reluctant. Talking with the SotySolar team gave us the confidence to do so.

11.- What type of publicity did you do before using our services?

We advertise on our website, industry media, Google+, Facebook.

12.- What advantages do you consider that SotySolar has contributed to your business?

SotySolar has provided a variety of clients.

13.- How would you rate the clients that come to you from our platform?

The clients are very hopeful with the self-consumption, we hope that the regulations allow some to obtain the solutions they seek and help them to decide

14.- In spite of having little time enjoying our services, is there any experience with an owner acquired in SotySolar that you wish to share?

At the moment we are in negotiations with everyone. Not yet.

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