The Town Councils and self-consumption

In this post we will try to analyze the crucial role that local administrations must play in the development of self – consumption within their territorial limits.

The current legal framework, with the RD 900/2015 that regulates energy self-consumption, allows municipalities to promote a new energy model more efficient and sustainable, through the adoption of different measures that we review below.

Tax incentives

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With regard to the IBI (Property Tax and Real Estate), article 74.5 Royal Legislative Decree 2/2004, of March 5, approving the revised text of the Local Treasury Regulatory Law, provides for bonuses of up to 50% of the quota for real estate that has installed photovoltaic solar panels .

This RD provides a similar bonus for the ICIO (Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works), with up to 95% of the tax quota for photovoltaic self-consumption facilities .

Facilitate administrative procedures


It is in the hand of the Local Governments to establish in their ordinances mechanisms that simplify the implementation of this type of systems.

In the case of installations of reduced power, the substitution of a municipal license should be considered for a responsible declaration or prior communication, which would be a step forward in supporting a new sustainable energy model that respects the environment.

Obligatory self-consumption systems in certain buildings

It is possible that the local administration, through the approval of the due ordinance, imposes the obligation to use solar photovoltaic systems in certain cases.

With the aim of fulfilling the political will regarding sustainability and the environment, municipalities can impose the execution of self-consumption facilities in commercial buildings and services frequented by the public.

Lead by example

<strong>Lead by example</strong>

Municipalities, like the rest of Public Administrations, must take charge of the European Directives on renewable energies and promote energy self-consumption as the most responsible form of consumption that exists today.

It depends on the town councils to put themselves at the forefront of the energy transition that is already unstoppable, implementing systems of energy use in their own buildings.

It is the responsibility of Local Governments to mark their own energy policy and to strive to be the spearhead of this change of system, preaching by example.

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