What is green energy?

¿Qué es la energía verde?

It is a term that sounds very good and that is booming in recent times, but do we really know what it refers to? Is it possible to consume 100% renewable energy? How can we access it? We will try to answer these and other questions in this post.

What is Green Energy?

Well, we tend to tend to confuse renewable energies with green energy , and the difference is that all green energies are renewable, but not all renewable energies are green.

For example, the Great Hydraulics (> 10 MW) is a source of renewable and clean energy, but the important impact it causes in its river environment prevents it from being described as green.

When we talk about Green Energies we refer to infinite resources from non-polluting sources and respectful with the environment. This group includes energies such as solar, wind, tidal …

In 2016, in Spain, 38.9% of the generated energy came from renewable sources, wind heads the production with 18.4%, followed by hydraulics with 13.8% and behind were photovoltaic and thermal solar energy with 3.1% and 2% respectively, the remaining 1.6% corresponds to the rest of renewable energies.

How can I consume Green Energy?

Image result for green energyThere are several ways, but the only one in which we can be completely sure of the renewable source of our energy is self-consumption . By installing solar panels on our roof we can generate enough clean energy to cover 100% of our energy demand or a good part of it.

Another option to consider is to hire the services of any of the multiple marketers that currently offer their customers the possibility of consuming 100% renewable energy, and that is already more than 30 companies that advertise this service in our country. Now, as we already know, we must bear in mind that 100% renewable does not have to be 100% green and we will have to study the offers of the different marketers to make sure of the origin of our energy.


Can I consume only 100% Green Energy?

The answer is clear, Yes !, but only if you opt for self-consumption , because as we have seen before, it is the only way to be sure of the origin of our energy because we are the ones who are producing it.

Now, if you bet for the services of a green energy marketer we should know that, the electricity that reaches our house can never be 100% green, but do not be shocked, everything has an explanation.

It is impossible for the electricity distribution network to distinguish which electricity comes from a renewable source and which does not, the energy that comes to our homes is a mixture of both. So:

How can marketers offer green energy?

<strong>How can marketers offer green energy?</strong>

What these marketers really do is commit to buy as much energy as we consume, to renewable energy producers or even to produce it themselves.

With this system, our energy expenditure will go to companies producing renewable energy and in this way we will be encouraged to generate this type of energy, since the higher the demand, the greater the supply must be.

In order to demonstrate the renewable origin of the energy sold by the marketers, the Ministry of Industry created the Guarantee of Origin in 2007, which guarantees that all or part of the energy generated by a producer is renewable and can therefore sell it with this seal.


While it is true that the current model generates considerable controversy in the sector by not contemplating the obligation of investments in new renewable energy facilities, which may allow some production companies to obtain the seal, but not really bet on them.

In this aspect, transparency must play a key role in the development of this type of product, not so much of the marketers as of the producers. A more restrictive conditions when it comes to obtaining the guarantee certificate, surely, would help in this regard.

The future is renewable

In these lines it has become clear that clean energy has come to stay. Today it is in our hands to bet on it, either in the form of self – consumption , hiring it through a marketer or a combination of both solutions.


The future seems encouraging for renewable energies , in countries such as Spain, which meets all the conditions to be at the forefront of the energy revolution to which sooner or later we will be led and that is why we must take the reins and start take advantage of the renewable energies that we have at our disposal.

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