AC-DC power supplies for test and measurement, industrial, broadcast and medical equipment offered by TDK

SAN DIEGO- TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. in San Diego introduces the CUS500M1 AC-DC power supplies for test and measurement, industrial, broadcast and medical equipment.

The TDK-Lambda branded CUS500M1 AC-DC power supply series is rated at 500 watts and comes in a 3 x 5 inch package. It provides an alternative to the 600 watt CUS600M models and is an alternative for low power cost sensitive applications.

The CUS500M1 AC-DC power supply series accepts AC input from 85 to 264 volts and offers a choice of seven output voltages: 12, 19, 24, 28, 32, 36, and 48 volts. A fan with cover option is also available.

Open-frame models measure 76.2 by 127 by 37 millimeters, or 85 by 157 by 42.5 millimeters with the fan shroud installed. The convection-cooled CUS500M1 can deliver 300 Watts (500 Watts peak) at ambient temperatures of -20 to 40 degrees Celsius, derating linearly up to a 150 Watt load at 70 C.

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With forced air cooling or a built-in fan, the series of power supplies deliver up to 500 watts in 60°C ambient, derating to 400 watts at 70°C. The efficiency of the series reaches 96%.

The CUS500M1 features 4,000 VAC input-to-output isolation, 2,000 VAC input-to-ground isolation, and 1,500 VAC output-to-ground isolation for compatibility with Class 1 medical equipment. B and BF. Leakage current is less than 200 microamps and touch current is less than 100 microamps. The maximum operating, transport and storage altitude is 16,404 feet.

Safety certifications include IEC/EN/ES 60601-1 and IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 with CE and UKCA markings for low voltage, EMC and RoHS directives. The units also comply with conducted and radiated emissions EN 55011-B and EN 55032-B, and meet immunity standards EN 61000-3-2, IEC60601-1-2 Edition 4 and IEC 61000-4.

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Rosemary C. Kearney