Aerotermia: What’s it and the way does it work? Benefits of mixing it with photo voltaic panels

Aerotermia: ¿Qué es y cómo funciona? Ventajas de combinarla con placas solares

The aerotermia is booming. In recent times, many customers have adopted this renewable vitality as a system for producing warmth and chilly, changing the normal boilers that have been frequent in properties.

What’s aerothermia and the way does it work?

The aerotermia programs are warmth pumps of final era which might be used to supply scorching water, cooling in summer season and heating in winter. It’s a extremely environment friendly system.

The aerotermia is, due to this fact, a warmth pump that extracts warmth from the air to supply chilly or scorching water and use it for heating , air-con or home scorching water (DHW) .

 Aerothermy may be related to quite a few heating / cooling programs comparable to underfloor heating, fan-coils (water-air tools) and low-temperature radiators. The most typical affiliation is that of aerotermia and radiant flooring.


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The radiant flooring is a system of warmth / chilly that has a excessive thermal inertia for the reason that whole mass of the bottom is heated in order that it, in flip, warms the air of the home. Thermal inertia is the quantity of warmth that may accumulate and protect a strong physique. It’s the trigger that after we flip off the heating, the home stays scorching for a sure time frame.

The gasoline used is electrical energy and the yields vary from 250% to 450% relying on the surface temperature and the water temperature that you simply wish to attain, whether or not to be used in radiant flooring or scorching water. Within the areas close to the coast is the place you get the utmost efficiency of aerotermia tools.

Aerotermia: What energy do I want?

In an effort to know the precise energy of an aerothermal tools, it might be handy to carry out a calculation of thermal masses considering the impact of thermal inertia. The tactic really useful by IDAE is the RST (Short-term Radiant Collection) and is summarized within the following picture:

  For this calculation to be correct, it have to be executed by an knowledgeable and there have to be a security margin on the 100% theoretical end result for unexpected occasions.

Allow us to suppose the next instance: the calculation of thermal masses strut has decided that your single-family home wants 18 kW thermal on the time of most demand, so we would want an aerothermal tools of at the least 18 kW.

Allow us to suppose now that these 18 kW are solely wanted throughout the coldest 6 hours of the day, throughout the 12 intermediate ones we want 12 kW and within the 6 hottest ones we solely want 6 kW.

On this case, we may present a continuing energy of 12 kW (18 * 6 + 12 * 12 + 6 * 6) / 24 and use the thermal inertia in our profit.

That is an instance, though it’s regular for chilly and warmth installers to make use of approximations of fifty W / m2 and 100 W / m2 relying on the situation, whether or not the insulation is sweet or unhealthy, …

Value of Aerothermia

In current buildings, the common worth of an aerothermic tools is between € 1,200 and € 2,500 for properties with lower than 4 bedrooms. The amortization may be between 5 and 12 years relying on the gasoline to get replaced: butane is dearer than pure fuel.

Mixture of Aerotermia with Photo voltaic Plates

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The aerotermia machine may be equipped with photovoltaic photo voltaic vitality within the occasion that the set up of photo voltaic panels produces sufficient electrical energy. On this means, we decrease consumption and optimize extra financial savings.

When you mix photovoltaic vitality with aerothermy to supply ACS, you may have a 350% extra efficiency , that’s, 3.5 kWh produced by every 1 kWh electrical vitality used in design circumstances (out of doors temperature decrease than 35ºC in summer season and better than 5º C in winter).

This mixed answer of aerothermy with photovoltaic is extra environment friendly than photo voltaic thermal vitality to supply ACS.

5 causes to mix Aerotermia with Photovoltaics

  1. The aerotermia may be thought of a renewable vitality as a result of it contributes as much as 75% of its vitality without cost due to the air.
  2. The efficiency of photovoltaic vitality to supply ACS will increase greater than 80% collectively, exceeding the thermal photo voltaic efficiency.
  3. You employ photo voltaic panels to generate a part of the electrical energy wanted by the aerothermal machine to generate warmth and chilly.
  4. The excess of photovoltaic can use it for different electrical consumption of the home. The saving is double.
  5. The upkeep of each the set up of photo voltaic panels for self-consumption and that of aerothermy is minimal and far decrease than any standard boiler.

For these 5 causes, the aerotermia with photovoltaic plates is a superb answer. You’re additionally saving vitality and cash with out harming the atmosphere.

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