An action group mobilizes to fight against the Garvary wind farm project

A GROUP campaigning against the Garvary wind farm project is seeking volunteers and donations.

Struie Action Group was originally founded about five years ago in opposition to the Beinn Tharsuinn Wind Farm, which was licensed but never built.

Thirty-seven wind turbines are planned for the Garvary wind farm.

The action group is being revitalized following the submission of an application for the development of the site of 37 wind turbines, measuring 180 m in height, on the high moors east of the A836 and approximately 4.5 km north of Lairg and 5.5 km south of Bonar Bridge.

Two power companies have come together to drive development forward – Coriolis Energy and the Electricity Supply Board Asset Development (ESB), which is the Irish state-owned power company.

An opponent said: “Of all the different projects going on, Garvary will have the most effect on the appearance of the Sutherland center. It will dominate the southern margins of Lairg, the views traveling east from Rosehall and worst of all, Struie’s viewpoint. “

Struie Action Group chairman Michael Baird Bonar Bridge recently published a newsletter stating that the group had paid £ 1,500 to order a ‘detention report’ as an objection to the wind farm. He now needs funds.

He said: “Struie Action Group is against wind farms per se, nor against renewable energies for that matter.

“What we are opposed to is a wind farm that ruins our beautiful preserved environment and our natural heritage, which is the case with the Garvary project. “

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