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One of the most important decisions you need to make before moving to a new city is how much it will cost to live there. The “cost of living” is the amount of money you need to maintain a certain way of life in a given location.

Because the price of goods and services varies from city to city, calculating the cost of living will determine how affordable it is to live in a certain area. Expenses that factor into the cost of living can include affordability of housing, transportation costs, food prices, and entertainment costs. The cost of living is also related to income, as salary levels in a geographic area are measured against those expenses.

A cost of living index allows you to directly compare the costs of living in one region versus another, helping you understand how far your money can go in each location. For example, the cost of living in San Francisco is double that of Boise, Idaho. Whether you use a cost of living index or a cost of living calculator, each will help you feel more confident in deciding where to live.

NerdWallet’s cost of living calculator is powered by data from the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER). According to the council, “C2ER produces the cost of living index to provide a useful and reasonably accurate measure of cost of living differences between urban areas. The items on which the index is based have been carefully chosen to reflect the different categories of consumer spending.

C2ER was founded in 1961 and continues to exist today as a non-profit organization, “comprising research staff from chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and agencies, and related organizations across the board. United States “. The C2ER has published its quarterly cost of living index since 1968. It is made up of “nearly 100,000 data points collected mainly by C2ER members located in 400 cities”.

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Billiton (BBL) turned to a strong buy: what does this mean for the stock? Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:38:25 +0000

Investors may want to bet on Billiton (BBL) as it was recently upgraded to Rank 1 of Zacks (strong buy). This rating change essentially reflects an upward trend in earnings estimates – one of the most powerful forces impacting stock prices.

Zacks’ rating is based solely on the evolution of a company’s earnings. It tracks EPS estimates for the current year and subsequent years from analysts on the short side covering the stock via a consensus measure – the Zacks consensus estimate.

Since a changing earnings picture is a powerful factor influencing short-term stock price movements, Zacks’ rating system is very useful for individual investors. They may find it difficult to make decisions based on rating hikes by Wall Street analysts, as these are primarily driven by subjective factors that are difficult to see and measure in real time.

As such, Zacks’ rating upgrade for Billiton is essentially a positive comment on its earnings outlook that could positively impact its share price.

Most powerful force impacting stock prices

The change in a company’s future earnings potential, as reflected in revisions to earnings estimates, and the short-term price movement of its stocks have been shown to be strongly correlated. The influence of institutional investors partly contributes to this relationship, as these leading professionals use earnings and earnings estimates to calculate the fair value of a company’s shares. An increase or decrease in earnings estimates in their valuation models simply results in a higher or lower fair value of a stock, and institutional investors typically buy or sell it. Their bulk investing action then leads to a price movement for the stock.

Basically, the rise in earnings estimates and the resulting rise in Billiton’s rating implies an improvement in the underlying business of the company. Investors should show their appreciation for this improving business trend by pushing the stock higher.

Harnessing the Power of Revisions to Profit Estimates

As empirical research shows a strong correlation between trends in earnings estimate revisions and short-term stock movements, tracking such revisions to make an investment decision could be truly rewarding. This is where Zacks Rank’s proven stock rating system plays an important role, as it effectively harnesses the power of earnings estimate revisions.

Zacks Rank’s stock rating system, which uses four factors related to earnings estimates to rank stocks into five groups, ranging from Zacks Rank # 1 (Strong Buy) to Zacks Rank # 5 (Strong Sell), has a track impressive externally audited. record, Zacks Rank # 1 stocks generating an average annual return of + 25% since 1988. You can see the full list of today’s Zacks # 1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here >>>>.

Revisions to Profit Estimates for Billiton

This resource and exploration company is expected to earn $ 4.06 per share for the year ending June 2021, which represents a 13.4% year-over-year change.

Analysts have steadily increased their estimates for Billiton. Over the past three months, Zacks’ consensus estimate for the company has risen 22.5%.

Final result

Unlike the overly optimistic Wall Street analysts whose rating systems tend to be weighted towards favorable recommendations, Zacks’ rating system maintains an equal proportion of “buy” and “sell” ratings across its universe. more than 4000 actions at any time. Regardless of market conditions, only the 5% of stocks covered by Zacks get a “Strong Buy” rating and the next 15% receive a “Buy” rating. Thus, placing a stock in the top 20% of stocks covered by Zacks indicates its superior function of reviewing earnings estimates, making it a strong candidate for producing above-market returns in the short term.

You can learn read more about the Zacks leaderboard here >>>

Billiton’s upgrade to Zacks’ No.1 rank positions him in the top 5% of stocks covered by Zacks in terms of estimate revisions, implying that the stock could rise in the near term.

Click to get this free report

BHP Billiton PLC (BBL): Free Stock Analysis Report

To read this article on, click here.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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Hospitals offering patients interest-free payment plans Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:38:25 +0000

Rukavina said the effect of these payment plans on patient credit scores will vary depending on the provider. For patients, the relevant question is when the account will be turned over to collection agencies.

“The majority of lenders really don’t report to credit bureaus if the person is working with them,” said Sainsbury-Wong of Health Law Advocates. “It is at the discretion of this provider when reporting to collection agencies. “

Garnier said providers have historically not felt pressure to be aggressive in pursuing overdue balances because the bulk of their revenue has come from insurers. “Now providers can no longer afford to ignore paying patients,” she added.

Two years ago Memorial Healthcare, a 134-bed facility in Owosso, Mich., Added a funding program through CarePayment as part of its broader efforts to match patients in need of financial assistance. to programs that can help them. This includes helping uninsured patients enroll in an Obamacare trade-in plan or enroll in Medicaid.

The interest-free funding program has helped close the gap for underinsured patients — those whose plans do not cover a particular service or have high cost sharing. “It is a huge help to patients who want to pay,” said Brian Long, President and CEO of Memorial.

While Memorial performs a credit check on all patients who apply for funding, Long said the payment plan does not affect patients’ credit scores because the hospital guarantees liability for non-payment. What the credit score determines is whether CarePayment will pay Memorial the full bill amount up front, based on a strong credit score, or pay the hospital as and when payments are made. patient installments arrive every month.

If a patient defaults, the hospital continues with its normal process of settling the account, Long said.

Thanks to the program, even as Memorial’s self-paying patient volume increased, bad debts decreased by $ 500,000, or 7.5%. “I think we’ve done a good job of helping patients by offering a number of tools,” Long said.

Follow Beth Kutscher on Twitter: @MHbkutscher

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New York MTA will accept Google Pay Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:38:25 +0000

In an effort to facilitate travel, Google Pay announced Thursday, May 23, that it has added New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to the list of public transport agencies that allow commuters to pay for their groceries through Google Pay.

In a company blog post, Prakash Hariramani, director of product management at Google Pay, said that starting in late May, the MTA will enable the pay-as-you-go feature on mobile devices at select Staten Island subway and bus stations. The executive said the company is working with the MTA to bring additional functionality with Google Maps and Google Assistant to commuting.

“When the public pilot opens next week, you will be able to use Google Pay to board all Staten Island buses and subway stations along lines 4-5-6 between Grand Central and Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center – not need to stand in line for a MetroCard, ”Hariramani wrote.“ Using Google Pay to travel with your phone is simple. No need to open the app or unlock your device – and it’s the same price as a one-way MetroCard. In addition, it is more secure. You don’t have to worry about losing your MetroCard and Google Pay doesn’t share your credit or debit card number when you pay. “

Google also announced that starting Thursday, New York subway riders will have access to Google Assistant’s new real-time transit feature to know when the next train arrives at the station. The Google Assistant will provide the estimated train arrival time and walk directions to the station, all via voice commands.

Soon Google Maps will allow users to see which routes accept Google pay when a user searches for a route. The ability to add a payment method from Google Maps is also coming soon, the Google official said. Google said the feature will be rolled out to other locations in the coming weeks, including Melbourne’s myki transit system, New York area MTA and London TfL.



About the study: The AI ​​In Focus: The Bank Technology Roadmap is a research and interview report examining how banks are using artificial intelligence and other advanced IT systems to improve credit risk management and other aspects of their operations. The Playbook is based on a survey of 100 banking executives and is part of a larger series assessing the potential of AI in finance, healthcare and others.

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Affirm online lender raises $ 275 million Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:38:25 +0000

The online consumer lender environment is already quite crowded, but some big names on Wall Street and Sand Hill Road are

Max Levchin


Bloomberg News

when betting, there is room for another competitor.

Affirm, a fintech company founded in 2013 by former PayPal technical director Max Levchin, said on Wednesday it had raised $ 275 million in debt and equity from investment bank Jefferies, private equity firms -risk Andreessen Horowitz and Spark Capital, and others. The funds, most of which were debt, will be used to scale up Affirm’s lending efforts and reach new merchants. A spokesperson declined to comment on the value placed on the entire company in the cycle.

contrary to

Loan Club Corp.

or Social Finance Inc, larger competitors who specialize in personal debt and student loan refinancing, respectively, Affirm offers installment loans to consumers who buy, for example, a mattress from retailer Casper or furniture from FIG stores. .

“We are one of the very few, if not the only, lenders to make point-of-sale loans,” Levchin said in a telephone interview.

Yet the global online lending industry is teeming with competition. A frame at

Discover financial services

said on Tuesday he had counted as many as 200 entrants to the industry. Loan Club and

Capital on the bridge,

an online small business lender, reported this week that they spend large amounts of money on advertising to stand out from the crowd.

Mr. Levchin said Affirm doesn’t face the same marketing challenges because it relies on merchants to spread the word for them. “When the trader decides we’ve been helpful to them, they promote us very aggressively,” he said.

What also differentiates Affirm from other online lenders is that it currently keeps all of its loans on its own balance sheet instead of selling them to investors through an online marketplace, Mr. Levchin said. It examines clients who are currently excluded from traditional credit scoring models, such as recent U.S. citizens or Millennials who don’t have a long credit history.

“Affirm offers Millennials a unique and flexible financing alternative that is currently not available in the market,” said Brian McGrath, CEO of Jefferies, in a statement.

Copyright © 2020 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All rights reserved. 87990cbe856818d5eddac44c7b1cdeb8

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How not to inherit mom’s timeshare Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:38:25 +0000

Timeshare owners James and Barbara Ruh are enjoying their annual Hawaii vacation, but they don’t want their daughters to be forced to take over the contracts when they die. So the Ruhs, who are attorneys with offices in Santa Barbara, California, and Edwards, Colorado, created a trust to hold their timeshare interests.

The girls, who are co-trustees with their parents, can keep the timeshares, sell them or give them up after the parents die, says Barbara Ruh. The trust is designed to prevent the developer of the timeshare complex from going after their daughters for unpaid or ongoing costs.

“If our daughters don’t want timeshare, they won’t be individually responsible for any fees,” Ruh said.

Timeshare experts say there is usually no need to create a trust, with the hassle and expense that comes with it, to avoid inheriting vacation ownership from a parent. Families have a variety of options to make sure no one gets a bond they don’t want.

For those who don’t know, timeshares are a way to use vacation property for a week every year. Traditionally, timeshares included a real estate deed, but now they are typically sold as a ‘right to use’ contract “more like a gym membership,” says timeshares attorney Michael Finn of Largo, Fla. .

In addition to the initial cost of purchase, homeowners must pay an annual maintenance fee, which currently averages around $ 900, but can total $ 3,000 or more for high-end properties. Homeowners may also face special assessments to cover repairs or damage caused by natural disasters.

Since timeshare contracts typically include “in perpetuity” clauses, owners may be required to pay these fees for life – and the obligation to pay passes to whoever inherits the contracts upon the owner’s death.

The good news: no one has to inherit an unwanted timeshare.

“Timeshare companies sometimes claim that they will hunt offspring and heirs for debt, [but] I have never heard even a single anecdotal story of this event, ”said Jeff Weir, chief correspondent of RedWeek, a timeshare rental and resale site.

Here are three important things to know:

1. Timeshares don’t have to be for life

While it is clear that neither of the children want the timeshare, the owners can sell or assign their interest before the death, assuming any funding used to buy it has been repaid. (See my previous column, “How to get rid of a timeshare. ”)

In some cases, owners too fragile or too poor to travel have managed to simply ask the resort to take back their timeshares, says Brian Rogers, owner of Group of timeshare users, a forum for timeshare owners. If the resort refuses, the owner can give up the timeshare, although this can lead to collection actions and damage to the owner’s credit. Resorts are unlikely to sue older customers for abandoned and paid timeshares, Rogers says, and many older owners don’t care what happens to their credit anyway.

2. The names of the children should not appear on the document.

Timeshare sellers can encourage the inclusion of the names of heirs on the deed as a “convenience” to make it easier for an owner’s children to use the property on their own, Finn says. What it actually does is trick the kids into inheriting the timeshare. Parents who fell into this gamble can ask the resort developer to remove these names from the act, and the developer will likely comply if there is no outstanding loan against the timeshare, says. he. Another tip: children should never pay the maintenance costs directly, even if they take care of the rest of the parents’ finances. These charges should always come from the parent’s bank account, Finn says.

3. The heirs can renounce the timeshare

If the timeshare is of the “right to use” type, the heirs must order the executor to notify the resort that the owner is deceased, so the resort can take action to repossess the timeshare, Finn said.

If the timeshare has a real estate deed or there is a specific bequest in the owner’s will – “I’m giving my timeshare to my daughters Sally and Simone”, for example – Finn recommends that heirs file a written release of interest with the inheritance court which deals with their parents’ inheritance.

“You let everyone know, ‘I have no or want no interest in this property. If I’ve ever had one, I’m relinquishing any interest now, ”Finn said.

This article was written by NerdWallet and was originally published by The Associated Press.

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Sports authority files for bankruptcy protection Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:38:25 +0000

Most or all of the products presented here come from our partners who pay us. This can influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our ratings. Our opinions are ours.

Sports authority, the big-box clothing and sports equipment retailer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday. The company announced the closure of 140 stores, or about a third of its stores nationwide.

Documents filed with the U.S. bankruptcy court show the company’s debts could reach $ 1.1 billion.

Sports Authority has secured access to a maximum of $ 595 million which will keep the rest of its locations open for now. But if the company can’t find a buyer by April, it will close its remaining stores.

The company plans to merge

Filing for bankruptcy can allow companies to restructure their debt or sell part of their assets in order to regain profitability – and stay open. This seems to be the motivation for Sports Authority.

“We are taking this step so that we can continue to adapt our business to meet the changing dynamics of the retail industry,” CEO Michael E. Foss said in A declaration posted on the company’s website. “We intend to use the Chapter 11 process to streamline and strengthen our business both operationally and financially so that we have the financial flexibility necessary to continue to make the necessary investments in our operations. “

Consumers Should Solve Unfinished Business

Chapter 11 bankrupt businesses can continue to operate. However, if Sports Authority can’t find a buyer and is forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it will have to shut down all of its stores and liquidate its assets – which could leave customers in dire straits.

The company expects its customer loyalty program to continue without any changes at this time and will honor warranties on items purchased in its stores or online, Foss said in the statement. Customers can always do Return or redeem and use Sports Authority gift cards.

But if you have a gift card, it is better to use it as soon as possible, according to the advice of the Better Business Bureau provides customers with Chapter 11 stores. The cards could be worthless if the business ceases to operate. The same advice applies if you want to return or exchange an item: take care of it now, or you could end up with unwanted goods.

Courtney Jespersen is a writer at NerdWallet, a personal finance website. E-mail: [email protected]. Twitter: @CourtneyNerd.

Image via iStock.

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Avant brings SaaS lending technology to banking partners Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:38:25 +0000

Before is best known among its financial services peers as a FinTech company, founded to pioneer automation and an artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced underwriting process to the problem of creating accessible and affordable personal loans for consumers. Since its founding in 2012, the company has specifically distinguished itself in an area crowded with technology underwriters, focusing on the group of consumers it calls the “underbanked middle class”.

The company’s target consumers have often had few options available, other than payday lenders (and other short-term lenders), when looking to borrow. Avant’s consumer product is designed as a digital alternative to this market.

Prospective borrowers apply online or via mobile, can be approved and offered a rate within 15 minutes, and can have their loans funded within 24 hours. Interest rates depend on the results of Avant’s proprietary credit rating mechanisms – on the high side, borrowers will face APRs in the order of 35%. It’s not a small amount to pay for an installment loan, but it’s far less than the triple-digit APRs that short-term lenders and pawnshops are known to offer.

However, while this is the most well-known part of his business, it is not the only one, according to Former CEO Al Goldstein. Before, they were actually two companies operating under one roof, crucially connected, but separated by function. There is the Consumer Platform (The First Company), best known for making installment loans affordable for a wider range of consumers.

Until recently, Goldstein noted, this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business to financial institutions (FIs) (the second business) operated mostly in the background behind the more well-known part of the platform. . But the time has come for this profession to launch out and forge a real identity on the market. That’s why this second line, formerly a business unit known as Powered by Avant, is now coming out with a new name – Amount – and a bigger overall focus on the market.

A better option for banks

For banks, including relatively large banks, Goldstein noted, entering the personal loan markets is daunting, even if it is attractive from various perspectives. Working with small consumer or small business (SME) loans is unprofitable under the labor-intensive, paper-heavy models that are the historic hallmark of bank underwriting systems.

However, embracing the efficiencies that digital lending platforms bring to the table isn’t as easy as flipping a switch and going online, he added. They are extremely complicated and expensive systems to build.

Some players have built them in recent years, however, he said, noting both Marcus of Goldman Sachs platform and American Bankrecently launched a small in-house personal loan product for its clients. US Bank’s offer is very new, but Marcus has apparently been a success for Goldman – with $ 3 billion in loans taken out from more than one million borrowers.

However, Goldstein noted, not all banks have the talent and capital to undertake a construction project of Marcus’ size and scope. Even among the relatively small slice of banks that do, not all of them necessarily want to devote that time and talent to a product that will essentially not be tested until launch. That’s why, he said, partnerships between online lenders and traditional banks have become more prevalent in recent years, especially as both sides have realized that there is customers to reach – combine the speed and efficiency of FinTech in underwriting with the banks’ extensive and established customer networks.

Avant launched its first banking partnership with an Alabama-based company Bank of regions in 2016, using its SaaS product. The company has added three more since then and noted that more partnerships will be announced in the latter part of 2018. Goldstein did not name a name, but teased that one of Amount’s first big partner announcements coming up would be with a “top 10 American Bank.”

The goal of these partnerships is quite simple: to let banks create the lending products they want, using Avant’s proprietary technology and experienced underwriting.

The question of which banks this product will be offered to is designed to expand over time. The first target group of Amount banks will be large institutions looking for a highly customizable lending solution. These options will largely be full-service at first, but will contain more pay-per-view offers and add-ons over time for big banks, especially when it comes to consumer security and verification. The full-service platform will be pre-built with loan origination, verification and fraud, decision hosting, analytics and marketing services.

While Goldstein has said Amount will start with large banks and institutions, the goal (by 2019) will be to focus on banks with less than $ 20 billion in assets. This will involve offering “out of the box” services, which are less customizable, but still “highly configurable” for smaller institutions that understand the need for full-service digital offerings for clients.

What’s up?

The immediate term for Amount, noted Goldstein, is to hire – specifically 50 new engineers to fill the new Amount company, although the new team will continue to work from Avant’s headquarters in Chicago. In the long term, he would like to see Amount work on creating and reengineering core banking systems themselves, moving them beyond legacy core systems on which new infrastructure is increasingly difficult to build.

However, he remains bullish as he believes banks see the need to change and expand their digital toolkits of consumer offerings. They may just not be interested in taking on all that entails on their own.



About the study: The AI ​​In Focus: The Bank Technology Roadmap is a research and interview report examining how banks are using artificial intelligence and other advanced IT systems to improve credit risk management and other aspects of their operations. The Playbook is based on a survey of 100 banking executives and is part of a larger series assessing the potential of AI in finance, healthcare and others.

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Schedule A (Form 1040) Itemized Deductions Guide Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:38:25 +0000

If you are planning to itemize your taxes, be prepared to attach an IRS Schedule A to your Form 1040. Here is a simple explanation of what the IRS Schedule A is, which must file one and a few. tips and tricks that could save money and time.

What is Annex A?

Schedule A is an IRS form used to claim itemized deductions on your tax return. You complete and file a Schedule A at tax time and attach or submit it electronically to your form 1040. The title of Schedule A of the IRS is “Itemized Deductions.”

How to complete Schedule A

Schedule A is a place to count the various itemized deductions you want to claim. You then enter the total deductions on your Form 1040.

Items you will need if you want to claim one of the more popular itemized deductions:

How Schedule A Works

  • Schedule A is divided into seven sections: Medical and Dental Expenses, Taxes You Paid, Interest You Paid, Charitable Donations, Accident and Theft Losses, Other Itemized Deductions, and a section for the total of your itemized deductions.

  • Each of the seven sections has sub-sections so that you can add up various types of expenses eligible for the deduction.

  • Once you have a grand total of itemized deductions, you enter it on your Form 1040.

    Calendar A 2020

Who must file the tax form in Schedule A

Schedule A is for retailers – people who choose to choose from the myriad of individual tax deductions instead of taking the dollar fix standard deduction at tax time.

Itemizing (and therefore completing Schedule A) will usually save you money if the sum of your itemized deductions is greater than the standard deduction. In 2020 and 2021, the standard deduction is as follows:

Married, separate deposit

What elements can be deducted from appendix A?

If you want to itemize and take advantage of any of these popular tax deductions, you’ll need to file Schedule A:

Here are some other tax deductions that require filing Schedule A:

  • Victims and thefts in a disaster area declared by the federal government.

  • Losses in the event of damage and theft of certain income-producing assets.

  • Depreciable bond premiums.

  • Ordinary loss attributable to certain bond investments.

  • Certain reimbursements from Social Security or other income.

  • Some unrecovered investments in a pension.

  • Disability-related labor costs for people with disabilities.

Plan A tips and tricks for detailing

Most branded tax software vendors sell versions that can prepare Schedule A. Although you probably have to buy a higher end version of tax software to itemize your deductions and get the functionality of Schedule A, it might still cost less than paying someone to do your taxes.

You may not be able to deduce everything. Even if you are entitled to them, some deductions gradually disappear if your adjusted gross income is above a certain threshold or if certain other factors are present in your tax situation. The national and local tax deduction, for example, is capped at $ 10,000. Good tax software and good tax preparers will ask you a series of questions to determine your eligibility for various tax deductions and if you need to itemize them.

Some tax breaks do not require Schedule A. You can make multiple deductions without completing Schedule A, which means that if these are your only deductions, you might not have to spend the money on high-end software. You take these deductions directly on Schedule 1 of Form 1040:

  • Certain business expenses.

  • Contributions to health savings account.

  • Moving expenses for members of the United States armed forces.

  • Contributions to pension schemes and health insurance premiums for the self-employed.

  • Early withdrawal penalties for savings.

If you miss a deduction, you can correct it later. If you file your tax return and realize that you should have received a tax deduction (or maybe you shouldn’t have taken one), you can correct it by filing an amended tax return or IRS Form 1040X. If you are filling out Form 1040X to get money back, you usually have to do it within three years of filing your original return or within two years of paying the tax, whichever is later. (How it works.)

Tax deductions are not the same as tax credits. Tax deductions reduce the portion of your income subject to tax. But tax credits are better; they directly reduce the amount of tax you owe, giving you a dollar for dollar reduction on your tax bill. Tax credits are not part of Schedule A. So you may still have big breaks (like the Child tax credit) even if you do not detail.

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TD Ameritrade 2021 Review: Pros, Cons & Comparison Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:38:25 +0000

TD Ameritrade requires a minimum investment of $ 0 and offers great features including free full research and data, portfolio building advice, $ 0 commissions for trading in stocks, options and exchange traded funds and nearly 300 branches for in-person customer service. Investors have a choice of four trading platforms.

In October 2020, Charles Schwab completed the acquisition of TD Ameritrade, but the integration of the two companies is expected to take place over the next 18 to 36 months.

TD Ameritrade is best for:

  • Education / advice to investors.

TD Ameritrade at a glance

No base commission; $ 0.65 per contract.

Account fees (annual, transfer, closing, inactivity)

No annual fees or inactivity. $ 75 full transfer; $ 0 partial transfer.

Number of ETFs without commission

All ETFs trade commission-free.

Number of mutual funds without transaction fees

• Actions. • Obligations. • Mutual fund. • AND F. • Options. • Futures contracts. • Forex. • Foreign ADRs. • IPO for qualified accounts.

Two platforms: TD Ameritrade web and thinkorswim (office).

TD Ameritrade mobile app, thinkorswim TDA app.

Research, analysis, commentary and news available from 14 vendors including Argus, CFRA, Reuters, Vickers and Morningstar.

Customer support options (including website transparency)

24/7 telephone assistance; Technical hotline Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time. In person at over 250 local branches. Support also available via SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter direct message, Apple Business Chat and Amazon Alexa.

Where TD Ameritrade shines

Negotiable securities: TD Ameritrade leads the investment selection category by offering a full range of investments, including forex and bitcoin futures and futures contracts for approved clients.

When it comes to less exotic things, the broker’s selection of over 4,000 no-transaction-fee mutual funds is equal to or better than what is offered at other reputable brokers like Charles Schwab and loyalty.

TD Ameritrade also excels in offering low cost, low minimum funds, with over 700 mutual funds on its platform with expense ratios of 0.50% or less, and over 1,300 with an investment. minimum of $ 100 or less. It is an ideal broker for novice fund investors.

Education / Investor Support: To say that the broker’s digital educational offerings are plentiful is an understatement. There is so much available in all formats – videos, articles, slideshows and quizzes, as well as live webinars and agency presentations – it’s hard to know where to start. For general investment education, let TD Ameritrade guide you through the program by selecting your skill level (rookie, academic, or guru) and browsing the research and resources it serves. For more specific advice, there is the “Ask Ted” function. “Ted” is a chatbot who is good at providing instruction to all investment tools, tutorials, key data and anything else that comes to a broker’s mind.

The company also hosts eight hours a day of educational webcasts and hosts more than 40 live events each year at local branches.

Virtual trading simulator: Surprisingly, not many online brokers offer fictitious trading accounts on their platforms. TD Ameritrade is one of them. Its paperMoney virtual simulator is a desktop platform for advanced and frequent traders. It provides $ 100,000 in convenient “cash” as well as access to a margin account. It’s available for free through the broker’s two platforms and its Mobile Trader app, although non-clients can sign up for a 60-day free trial – a good way to try out a new platform before you go. commit to creating a real money account.

Choice of trading platforms: TD Ameritrade offers two main trading platforms, each with a corresponding mobile version. is the launch platform that offers just about everything an average investor needs to identify, research, filter, and trade stocks, funds, bonds, CDs, and options. The following are built into the free platform:

  • Research from Morningstar, Thomson Reuters, CRFA (formerly S&P Capital IQ) and TD Ameritrade’s own financial professionals.

  • A customizable landing page.

  • The broker’s GainsKeeper tool, to track capital gains and losses for tax season.

Separately, the company has a desktop trading platform called thinkorswim which caters to serious traders of stocks, ETFs, options, futures and forex. It has all the features active traders need, including advanced trading capabilities, a robust range of technical analysis tools and studies, customizable filters and charts, backtesting capabilities, live news. real-time, quotes, market heat maps and more.

Here is an overview of the thinkorswim platform:

Can’t access your laptop in time or none of the broker’s mobile apps are installed? You can also conduct emergency code red transactions through third-party platforms via Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Business Chat direct messages. And new this year, TD Ameritrade offers voice-activated investments with the Google Assistant and smartphone in-vehicle experiences, so investors can keep abreast of market developments while driving.

Mobile trading: The choice of platforms extends to the broker’s mobile products. TD Ameritrade Mobile (iOS and Android) is a companion to the desktop platform and the TD Ameritrade thinkorswim app caters to the crowd of advanced traders and is a companion app to the desktop platform of the same name. The company also owns TD Ameritrade Mobile Web, the browser-based platform optimized for mobile devices.

TD Ameritrade Mobile has much of the web platform trading functionality and also provides Level II quotes (not available on the web platform). The app includes personalized watchlists, educational videos and a long list of alert options, so investors can be notified of changes to their holdings.

The thinkorswim app includes futures and currency trading, complex options ordering capabilities (three or four steps) and chat support from the TD trading desk.

The company also has the TD Ameritrade Portfolios app, which allows managed portfolio clients to monitor their investments. To learn more about TD’s Robotics Advisory Service, check out our review of TD Ameritrade Essential Portfolios.

Where TD Ameritrade fails

Splits: Fractional stocks were once a niche offering, but now that major players like Fidelity and Schwab are offering their own versions of fractional trading, investors with limited capital to invest may want to look elsewhere. Fractions of shares allow you to invest by dollar amount – not per share – allowing you to build a portfolio of stocks that might otherwise be too expensive to otherwise include.

The bottom line

TD Ameritrade is a rare broker that covers all the bases and does it very well. For a commission-free broker in stocks, ETFs and options trades, clients benefit from an impressive list of services including portfolio building advice, hands-on investment quotes, high-quality research, tools trading and a wide selection of transaction fees. mutual fund. We expect this list to continue to improve once the broker’s integration with Charles Schwab is completed.

Disclosure: The author did not hold any position in the above titles at the time of original publication.

Dayana Yochim contributed to this review.

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