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As in the summer of 2020, Formula 1 is heading for the Austrian hills for consecutive races in the Red bull Ring.

Max Verstappen and co will head to their home race in high spirits after Red Bull clinched three straight wins last time at Paul Ricard in spectacular fashion.

They will be looking for a third victory in four years on this circuit to really assert their dominance in the two title fights and build their lead.

They might be in enemy territory, but Mercedes will also be keen on having some fun, having won six of the eight races that have taken place on the track since returning to the calendar in 2014.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix …

When is the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix?

Practice 1: Friday June 25, 11:30 am local time (10:30 am BST)

Practice 2: Friday June 25, 3:00 p.m. local time (2:00 p.m. BST)

Practice 3: Saturday June 26, 1200 local time (1100 BST)

Qualifications: Saturday June 27, 3:00 p.m. local time (2:00 p.m. BST)

Race: Sunday June 28, 3:00 p.m. local time (2:00 p.m. BST)

Where is the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix taking place?

The race takes place in Spielberg on the Red Bull Ring, formerly known as the Osterreichring, one of the sport’s most historic circuits.

It may be on the same site, but it’s not quite the same track it was in the 1970s and 1980s, it was completely rebuilt and renamed Ring A1 in 1996 for safety reasons .

The modern layout consists of nine turns, seven to the right and two to the left, and dominated by its three straights, making it a power-hungry place where straight-line speed is crucial.

After its withdrawal from the calendar in 2003, Red Bull bought the circuit, renaming it again and improving the infrastructure, building new pits and grandstands.

As a result of this work he returned to the world of F1 in 2014 and has stayed on schedule ever since.

Where can I watch the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix?

In the UK, pay-TV channel Sky Sports will broadcast the entire race weekend, from FP1 to race, on its dedicated Sky Sports F1 channel. You can also access a live feed of the coverage via Now TV.

The free-to-air Channel 4 broadcaster will broadcast the best moments of qualifying and the race.

F1 TV Pro viewers can watch all the action live from Austria. Please check if F1 TV Pro is available in your country.

Subscribers to F1’s own app can hear radio commentary on the race itself from the BBC and access live data throughout each session.

PlanetF1 will broadcast live timing and expert commentary on every session of the race weekend, from the Friday morning FP1 to the Sunday afternoon race.

The Styrian Grand Prix will be televised live at the following outlets in other key markets:

United States: ESPN
Canada: RDS (French), TSN (English)
Australia: Fox Sports
France: Canal +
Italy: Sky Sport F1
Germany: Sky Sport F1
Spain: DAZN
Netherlands: Ziggo Sport
Brazil: Group
Japan: DAZN

What are the chances of the 2021 French Grand Prix?

Bet on the Styrian Grand Prix with Planet Sport Bet and we’ll match your first bet up to the value of £ 50! Use code PS100

Considering Red Bull have won the last three races and Verstappen has won here twice in the past three years, it is no surprise that he is the favorite.

Here are the main odds for Planet Sport Bet:

5/4 Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
11/8 Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
10/1 Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
10/1 Sergio Perez (Red Bull)
50/1 Lando Norris (McLaren)

(Last updated Monday, June 21)

What is the weather forecast for the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix?

Friday June 25: 29C, risk of a thunderstorm
Saturday June 26: 6C, risk of rain.
Sunday June 27: 6C, risk of rain.

Directions to the Styrian Grand Prix

For those traveling by plane, the nearest airport is Flughafen Graz (GRZ), located in the city of Graz. However, this is really only an option for domestic flights.

Therefore, Vienna International Airport (VIE), located approximately 200 km from the circuit, is your best bet. From there you can rent a car or drive to the city center and take a three-hour train ride to Knittetfeld.

Knittelfeld is the nearest train station and is well connected to each of the major Austrian cities. From there, a shuttle service runs on race weekends to take fans to the track.

Given its rural location, the best way to get to the track is by driving, either in your own car or in a car you hire from the airport. It is located next to the S36 motorway. Once there, take the Zeltweg Ost / Spielberg exit onto the L503 before turning right after approx. 2 km.

Which drivers won the Styrian Grand Prix?

Only one driver has won the Styrian Grand Prix because there has never been just one. However, there have been many Austrian Grands Prix on the circuit as well, so we would say we can include them under the same umbrella.

Lewis Hamilton triumphed in 2020 for the second time after also doing so in 2016, and is one of eight drivers to have twice tasted victory on the circuit.

In recent times, Nico Rosberg, Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen have all done it, joining the same club as Ronnie Peterson, Alan Jones, Mika Häkkinen and Michael Schumacher.

Alain Prost is the only man to have won three times on the track, rising to the top step of the podium in 1983, 1985 and 1986.

Tire selection for the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix

As they did last time at Paul Ricard, Pirelli has chosen to make its three intermediate compounds available to pilots in Austria.

The C2 tire will be the hard compound, C3 the medium and C4 the soft.

What is the latest ranking of the F1 championship?

Drivers’ Championship

Max Verstappen – 131 points

Lewis Hamilton – 119 points

Sergio Pérez – 84 points

Lando Norris – 76 points

Valtteri Bottas – 59 points

Constructors’ Championship

Red Bull – 215 points

Mercedes – 178 points

Mclaren – 110 points

Ferrari – 94 points

The full F1 championship standings are here

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anderson architecture designs timber-clad off-grid house in australia Sun, 20 Jun 2021 02:19:55 +0000

anderson architecture designed the off-grid FZ house as a premium benchmark for sustainable living in extreme conditions while coexisting with nature in the blue mountain bush, australia. the modest and very sturdy house is bal-FZ rated and net zero emission, self-sufficient in electricity, water and sewerage. it celebrates innovative sustainable design and Australian landscapes.

pictures of notch arbor

Anderson architecture was strongly committed to a holistic sustainable practice in this project and humanized contemporary architecture through a connection with nature. the distinctive architectural form is a contemporary twist on the typical elongated passive house. Inspired by local sandstone caves, the shape unifies two skillion roofs of opposing slopes to optimize solar power generation for electricity. it also enhances passive heating and cooling for thermal comfort, enhanced by high levels of insulation and airtightness, HRV, exterior blinds and double glazing.

The off-grid timber-clad house perches on the bush ridge of the Blue Mountains, Australia

trees cleared to meet bushfire safety requirements are reused in the house and highlighted more visibly by carpentry. this eco-friendly, eco-friendly design celebrates the great outdoors in Australia, providing an oasis connected to nature as well as a safe haven when protection is needed. In addition, the house contributes to the public domain, it conceptually presents a sustainable design and construction in areas prone to bush fires without access to services is possible with innovative and resilient measures.

The off-grid timber-clad house perches on the bush ridge of the Blue Mountains, Australia

while accommodation is private, public amenity is delivered through the beautiful expansive bush landscape visible from the public realm. although the bush block spans hectares, the built form remains modest. minimal tree clearance is required for safety and all of these trees are reused, especially in the internal structure, kitchen countertop and carpentry.

The off-grid timber-clad house perches on the bush ridge of the Blue Mountains, Australia

manufacturing and transport are minimized, while the wood receives a new function, as its varied colors, textures and maturity are emphasized. with the off-grid FZ house perched on a ridge, it offers vistas across the valley, extending across the bridge wrapping the south wing. the veranda roof had a dual purpose, folding down to be used as a bushfire screen in the flame area as needed.

The off-grid timber-clad house perches on the bush ridge of the Blue Mountains, Australia

The off-grid FZ house contributes to the lives of the inhabitants through the absence of operational energy bills, although there are additional advantages to the house being self-sufficient in terms of electricity, water and electricity. sewerage, such as increased energy awareness and occupant power. water consumption. the design also allows for a deep connection to nature on different scales, positively contributing to the mental well-being of the occupants, for example through native gardens with edibles dotted around the dwelling.

The off-grid timber-clad house perches on the bush ridge of the Blue Mountains, Australia

The off-grid timber-clad house perches on the bush ridge of the Blue Mountains, Australia

The off-grid timber-clad house perches on the bush ridge of the Blue Mountains, Australia

The off-grid timber-clad house perches on the bush ridge of the Blue Mountains, Australia

The off-grid timber-clad house perches on the bush ridge of the Blue Mountains, Australia

The off-grid timber-clad house perches on the bush ridge of the Blue Mountains, Australia

project info:

Last name: off-grid FZ house

architects: Anderson architecture

location: blue mountain bush, australia

photography: notch arbor

Yasmina Karam I design boom

June 20, 2021

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This lamp converts half a liter of salt water in 45 days of light Sat, 19 Jun 2021 01:22:51 +0000

According to world Bank, around 840 million people currently live without electricity in the world. This figure motivated Colombian renewable energy start-up E-Dina to develop a wireless lamp, called WaterLight, that converts salt water into electricity.

The portable device only needs to be filled with half a liter of seawater – or urine in an emergency – to emit 45 days of light. WaterLight was designed to be used as a more reliable alternative to solar lights in off-grid communities.

(Credit: WaterLight)

How it works?

WaterLight works through a chemical process called ionization, in which electrical energy is generated when electrolytes in salt water react to contact with magnesium inside the device. Acting as a mini generator set, the WaterLight also charges small devices such as a mobile phone via its built-in USB port.

E-Dina was inspired to manufacture the device after seeing the current situation in an indigenous Colombian community called Wayuu, located in the department of La Guajira. Wayuu is fully isolated; it is surrounded by the sea and has no access to electricity. WaterLight can help the region and its people use seawater to improve their quality of life.

The WaterLight device is waterproof, made from recycled materials and has a lifespan of approximately 5600 hours, the equivalent of a few years of use. Additionally, the device features symbols of indigenous communities and the colorful bracelet is handmade by indigenous artisans from La Guajira.

This lamp converts half a liter of salt water in 45 days of light
(Credit: WaterLight)
This lamp converts half a liter of salt water in 45 days of light
(Credit: WaterLight)

The project manager said:

WaterLight demonstrates how creativity and humanity can lead to a truly innovative idea, which has the potential to transform the lives of millions of people.

Ultimately, the company hopes to partner with local and foreign governments to provide “a little light” to various parts of the planet with their new device.

Earlier this year, we saw another innovative light, dubbed the “solar desalination well,” which provides free lighting and makes seawater safe to drink. Designer Henry Glogau developed this free lighting solution for slum houses.

This lamp converts half a liter of salt water in 45 days of light
(Credit: WaterLight)
This lamp converts half a liter of salt water in 45 days of light
(Credit: WaterLight)
This lamp converts half a liter of salt water in 45 days of light
(Credit: WaterLight)
Charging the phone
(Credit: WaterLight)
This lamp converts half a liter of salt water in 45 days of light
(Credit: WaterLight)
(Credit: WaterLight)
This lamp converts half a liter of salt water in 45 days of light
(Credit: WaterLight)

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Senator Roland Gutierrez responds to Governor Greg Abbott’s plan for the border wall and calls for an electricity grid instead Fri, 18 Jun 2021 16:24:05 +0000

SAN ANTONIO(Update: The briefing is complete. Please check back for more live broadcasts on

State Senator Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat from San Antonio, will speak on Friday about “his own plan for a Texas wall” in response to the governor’s latest push for the barrier.

Gutierrez will speak at 11:30 am at the Willie M. Cortez Senior Multi-Service Center. The press conference will be broadcast live in this article; if there is no live stream available, check back later.

A post from Gutierrez’s Twitter account, which represents much of the Texas-Mexico border, suggests that the announcement will center on the state’s power grid appeal for conservation.

“Texas should build a gate instead of a wall,” the post read. “Many families are suffering the heat without electricity or air conditioning and this should be the number one priority.”

A d

He also sits on the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and Border Security.

Abbott’s latest action on a border wall this week crossed the Electric Reliability Council of Texas five-day conservation alert.

On Monday, ERCOT said forced generation outages coupled with “potential record power usage” in June caused strained grid conditions.

ERCOT has called on Texans to reduce electricity use as much as possible through Friday, prompting the city of San Antonio and Bexar County to open cooling shelters.

Amid the plea, Metro Health issued a heat advisory for this weekend, as temperatures are expected to reach between 97-99 degrees and 104 degrees on Monday.

A d

Meanwhile, as Texans grappled with a struggling power grid, Abbott released new details on the construction of the wall intended to “secure our border.”

The Republican governor said on Wednesday he would use $ 250 million in state money and crowdfunding for barriers, as part of a new proposal that also expands his political fight over immigration with the Democratic administration Biden, The Associated Press reported.

More than a dozen Republican members of the Texas House and Senate joined Abbott for a live press conference announcing plans to hire a project manager to continue building a version of a wall announced last week , echoing former President Donald Trump’s unfinished campaign pledge to fortify the southern US border, including 1,200 miles in Texas. Abbott also said he is asking the federal government to return the land obtained for the wall from the US government and return it to private citizens who can allow Texas to complete the job.

A d

The state has also set up a web page and post office box so that anyone can donate for Abbott’s Wall.

Also on Wednesday, he said the state’s electricity grid was “better than ever.”

Read more:

Copyright 2021 by KSAT – All rights reserved.

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Californians, Texans urged to save energy as temperatures soar | California Thu, 17 Jun 2021 16:43:00 +0000

California and Texas urged residents to conserve energy to reduce grid stress and avoid blackouts as homes and businesses turn on air conditioners to escape a scorching heat wave blanketing the south. western United States.

High temperatures were expected to reach 110F (43C) throughout the weekend in parts of several states, including California, Arizona and Nevada.

“Help from the public is essential when extreme weather conditions or other factors beyond our control put undue pressure on the power grid,” said Elliot Mainzer, general manager of ISO California, which operates the grid. in most of California.

Summer heat arrived with spring still on the calendar as a high pressure dome blanketed the west. Oppressive daytime peaks were followed by extremely hot nights.

Palm Springs hit a record high of 120F on Tuesday, four degrees above the old June 15 record set in 1961.

A swirling coastal vortex of low cloud over southern California brought enough cooling on Wednesday for forecasters to reduce some excessive heat warnings to advisories around the Los Angeles area. But warnings are coming into effect in the Central Valley, where some places could see peaks as high as 113F.

Over the past year, Texas and California have imposed spinning or controlled blackouts to prevent more widespread collapses of their power systems – California during a heat wave in August 2020 and Texas during a frost. brutal in February 2021.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (Ercot), the state’s grid operator, expects Thursday’s demand to break the June record set Monday. In February, Ercot imposed spinning outages as extreme cold froze natural gas pipes and wind turbines, leaving millions of customers without power, some for days.

Ercot has been criticized for the design of its system, which is not connected to other US networks to avoid federal oversight, and for failing to operate a “capacity” market that maintains production of electricity on standby during extreme weather events.

California’s ISO has said its flexible alert, or call for conservation, “is critical because when temperatures hit triple digits over a large geographic area, no state has enough energy to meet all the increased demand. “.

He’s asking Californians to set thermostats to 78F or higher, turn off unnecessary lights and avoid using major appliances from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursdays. ISO has said evening is the most difficult time of day as demand remains high but solar energy is declining. So far this year, solar power has provided 22% of grid electricity.

Mainzer, the CEO of California, said the network is stable and there is no expectation of rotating power outages, but that could change as temperatures rise in the coming days.

“The current forecast for shortages is relatively modest in magnitude and we believe there is a good chance that we will be able to resolve them within the day tomorrow,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

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Casa Bianca / The architects of the grid Thu, 17 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0000

Casa Bianca / The architects of the grid

© Photographix

© Photographix© Photographix© Photographix© Photographix+ 26