Renewable energy

3 ways to invest in renewable energy now

Renewable energy is a massive megatrend spanning decades. Current estimates suggest that the global economy will need 100,000 billion dollars in investments over the next 30 years to shift from fossil fuel energy sources to cleaner alternatives. Considering the scale and duration of this opportunity, investors won’t want to miss …

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Why renewable energy stocks fell on Tuesday

What happened Actions of renewable energy stocks fell across the board on Tuesday as a number of factors hit the industry. After a strong advance last month and even better performance over the past year, perhaps it was just time for stocks to catch their breath. There have been a …

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The future is green and it is here

Not so long ago, I remember a time when my peers and I were passionate about climate change and renewable energy. It seemed like a never-ending battle and it got frustrating at times to let the world see what was obviously going on all around us. But we kept going, …

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