Coup underway to remove Putin from power: Sources


According to Newsweek, Business InternFortune and other media sources say a coup is underway in the Kremlin to oust Putin from power.

This will ultimately lead to the change of leadership of the Russian Federation. This process has already been started and they are moving in this direction,” Ukrainian Major General Kyrylo Budanov told Sky News in the UK. exclusive interview.

An interviewer asked if a coup was in progress, to which Budanov replied, “Yes. They are moving that way and it is impossible to stop it.”

Putin has cancer and other ailments, he said, dismissing the suggestion he was spreading propaganda.

A coup d’etat to eliminate him, although not without risks, is better, in my opinion, than the elimination of Putin by death from cancer. If the latter, Putin would no doubt have arranged for another hard-core, Soviet-style pal to succeed him. And such a replacement would be less likely to end the invasion of Ukraine.

This story does not yet have all the confirmations we would like. More will appear soon, I hope and pray.


After reading for the first time that Putin had cancer and was due for surgery this spring, many people no doubt thought, wished and hoped that the dictator would come out of anesthesia and find himself handcuffed to bed. Some Kremlin officials might politely inform him that he no longer had a role in government and would retire in a nursing facility with plenty of security to ensure his safety.

It wouldn’t have to play out like the 1953 coup against USSR security chief Beria did. Malenkov, Khrushchev et al arrested and deposed Lavrenty Beria and had him shot right after his trial.



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