DynamicsCon Live Preview: How Modeled Power Driven Apps Help Dynamics 365 Admins

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Model-driven apps are one of the most powerful configuration tools available to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 system administrator. Simple to build and great tools for user adoption, model-driven apps can be a complete game-changer for your user groups.

At DynamicsCon Live in September, I’m excited to teach attendees what they need to know to get started and build great model-driven apps for their organizations.

What is a model-driven app?

Model-driven apps are Power Apps that use Dataverse as their database and can be built using low-code and even no-code tools. The Dynamics 365 platform is itself a model-driven Power App. The D365 Sales Hub, Service Hub, and Marketing out-of-the-box apps are useful out-of-the-box additions to a customer solution. But implementing a simplified, model-based app for a specific user group has incredible benefits! They are tailored to a specific use case. You can hide noise, simplify user experience and increase overall happiness.

A hybrid sysadmin life…for now

Power Apps has seen many improvements, especially when we look at model-driven apps. The modern app designer has become generally available, and most of what you need to build can be done here. However, some tasks still require app makers to revert to the classic design experience. During the DynamicsCon Live session, we will see how to do it and what tasks the classic designer requires.


When you use the modern app designer to build your app, you put it together by adding pages. A page can be a table-, dashboard-, or custom-based view and form.

Additional Features

There are also several additional features that you can configure for a model-driven app in Power Apps:

  • Activate the new email template editor

  • In-app notifications

  • Native mobile date and time

  • Native mobile inputs

  • Offline configuration from app designer

Security and Permissions

Safety is something everyone should know, especially:

  • Permissions to be an app maker

  • Requirements to view an application

  • How to share an app with other users

We’ll talk about security roles and permission settings, how to share with other manufacturers, and how to make your app available to other users.

What’s coming with Release Wave 2?

There are so many exciting features coming to model-driven apps as part of Release Wave 2, rolling out October 2022 through March 2023. A full list is below, organized by general availability date:

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