Edgehog secures $ 1.25 million in funding round led by TandemLaunch

MONTREAL, July 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Edgehog Advanced Technologies Inc., developer of the world’s best nanotextured, omnidirectional and anti-reflective glass, announces the first closing of $ 1.25 million of his $ 2.5 million Raising of seed capital. Combined with non-dilutive and non-repayable financing of $ 3.5 million, capital supports $ 6 million plans to increase the size of its super-transmissive, self-cleaning solar glass and to further develop and commercialize its proprietary technology. The seed funding round was led by TandemLaunch (Aerial, LANDR, SPORTLOGiQ), E8 and other angel investors. This equity financing comes as Edgehog evolves to meet the expected high demand in the rapidly growing solar PV industry, including space solar modules. A second Seed Round close of up to $ 1.25 million is expected to close within the next 60 days.

From the foundry of startups, TandemLaunch, and based on research originally developed in United States’ The Department of Energy’s national laboratory system, Edgehog’s eluminar ™ glass uses a unique approach to generate nano-sized textures that result in super transmissive invisible glass and features a self-cleaning surface where water rolls off the surface .

Edgehog’s continues to develop and market the world’s best anti-reflective glass to improve the energy output of a solar panel by up to 12%. “Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested to improve the efficiency of solar panels, but very little has been done to increase the amount of light entering solar panels, until Edgehog” said Brad gunn, CEO of Edgehog

Edgehog CTO Calvin cheng, commented “Our first product is implemented in space solar modules, where there is enormous value for producing additional energy without adding additional weight. With the support of our investors, we are building on our innovation fundamental in increasing our glass solar panels. “

“Edgehog continues to develop its revolutionary nanotextured glass for the fast growing solar photovoltaic space and many other applications,” said Helge Seetzen, general partner of TandemLaunch. “What the Edgehog team has developed over the past two years is impressive and we are delighted to continue to support the commercialization of their technology.”

About Edgehog
Founded in 2018, Edgehog Advanced Technologies Inc. markets the world’s best anti-reflective technology platform based on a decade of development in research institutes. Edgehog believes in the power of innovation to make a positive impact in the world.

SOURCE Edgehog Advanced Technologies Inc.

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