Ford F-150 Lightning pickup trucks act as mobile power sources during Kentucky floods

Ford F-150 Lightning electric trucks are equipped with “smart backup power”, which allows the truck to be used as a power source for a home.

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08 August 2022, 15:35

Ford F-150 Lightning pickups sent to help with Kentucky floods

Two Ford F-150 Lightning pickup trucks were sent by the company as emergency vehicles during the Kentucky flood response, providing mobile power to crews to help get 10 to 15 families back to their homes a day. The pickups also act as mobile power sources in the region where power outages have become common and recovery efforts are taking shape.

The US state of Kentucky has been experiencing heavy flooding since late July, with 37 deaths so far and tens of thousands of homes without power. Water levels are so high they have set all-time records in the region, and the flood is being described as a “millennial flood”, with the National Weather Service saying a weather event like this has never than 0.1% chance of occurring in any given year.

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In such a situation, the F-150 Lightning pickup trucks provided such support to some crews involved in relief activities. The electric F-150 Lightning is equipped with an “intelligent backup power supply”, which allows the truck to be used as a power source for a home. There are several outlets in the truck bed to help plug power tools into the Pro-Power Onboard. These technologies are commonly referred to as “vehicle-to-home” or “vehicle-to-load”.

As an option, these trucks can provide up to 9.6 kW of power through ten 120 V outlets and one 240 V outlet, while the base model has eight 120 V outlets capable of 2.4 kW of power. Power can last 10 hours at full power. Using this technology, rescue teams can run power tools, lights and fans to help clear debris from roads and clear flooded homes.

It is easier to set up the truck bed than to set up a generator, which reduces downtime for the crew. It also eliminates additional noise, odors and emissions from portable gasoline generators.

Date of first publication: Aug 08, 2022, 3:33 PM IST

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