FSP Introduces HYDRO PTM X Pro Series Power Supplies

FSP’s new HYDRO PTM X PRO series power supplies offer unparalleled versatility. An all-new revolutionary design housed in a sturdy 130mm chassis. Highly compatible with any mid-tower PC case. Industrial-grade conformal coating protects the power supply in harsh conditions.

Certified 80 Plus Platinum, the latest HYDRO PTM X PRO series power supplies are fully modular, delivering up to 1000W with low noise, high efficiency power to all connected components. Featuring FSP’s revolutionary Eco semi-fanless fan control switch, these new PSUs are the best choice for users looking for a noise-free system unit.

Available to users in 850W and 1000W units, the HYDRO PTM X PRO Series power supplies are ideal for gamers and content creators who demand superior performance and exceptional durability. Designed to perform exceptionally well under high-demand workloads, the HYDRO PTM X PRO series power supplies use superior Japanese capacitors, including bulk capacitors rated to withstand up to 450V, 105°C and prevent overheating. infamous capacitor leak problem. In addition, the 3.3V and 5V DC-DC module design improves reliability and achieves high component compatibility with low ripple noise that effectively reduces system component interference, extending the life of the material.

Showcasing FSP’s superior engineering capability, these new power supplies incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as LLC half-bridge topology that enables zero-voltage switching of main switches, reducing switching losses and dramatically increasing the efficiency of the system. Additionally, a unique +12V rail power output design enables efficient powering of modern graphics cards, ensuring exceptional performance and stability. In conclusion, FSP’s new HYDRO PTM X PRO series power supplies are the best choice for gamers and content creators looking to build high-performance systems in a compact mid-size package. They offer exceptional performance, unparalleled stability and lifetime durability.

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Rosemary C. Kearney