GS Entec launches into offshore wind power

Monopile of Sif Netherlands BV (GS Entec)

GS Entec, a South Korean manufacturer of equipment and facilities for chemical and energy plants, has signed a strategic partnership with Sif Netherlands BV to enter the offshore wind energy business, the company announced on Sunday.

GS Entec will introduce the Dutch company’s monopile manufacturing technology as part of the partnership, according to the company.

A monopile is a steel tube foundation that serves as a supporting pillar in water. Monopiles are most often used for offshore wind turbines because they are cheaper and built faster than other foundation technologies. Monopile foundations account for more than 80% of global offshore wind turbines, according to GS Entec.

With this partnership, the South Korean factory equipment manufacturer will become the first company in Asia to introduce monopile technology, according to GS Entec. Monopiles from Sif Netherlands BV can be used in water depths of up to 50-60 meters.

Sif Netherlands BV, one of the leading companies in the global monopile industry, has produced over 2,000 monopiles.

According to Sif, the partnership will grant GS Entec an exclusive 10-year mutual license to use technology developed and applied by Sif to manufacture monopile foundations and transition pieces in the Asian region.

The license includes both a single fixed fee and a variable fee per monopile foundation manufactured and delivered.

GS Entec said the company’s entry into the offshore wind power market marks its turning point in becoming an environmentally friendly equipment manufacturer.

“Having the capability to manufacture large-scale chemical devices, GS Entec will target the Asian market through a revolutionary monopile production method with the signing of a strategic partnership with Sif which dominates the offshore wind power market,” said said Doh Jung-hae, CEO. at GS Entec.

By Kan Hyeong-woo ([email protected])

Rosemary C. Kearney