How Efficient Power Supplies Reduce Data Center Power Consumption

Power supplies play a vital role in overall data center efficiency. (Source: Advanced Energy)

A new white paper from Advanced Energy explores how global data centers can achieve their sustainability goals by deploying power supplies optimized for efficiency and power density.

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One of the challenges that global data centers face in today’s rapidly changing environment is the need to meet the growing processing and storage needs of their customers, while making data center operations more energy-efficient and sustainable data. According to a new white paper from Advanced Energy, “Electricity often represents a large portion of operating expenses and while minimizing energy consumption can reduce costs, it can also minimize environmental impact. “.

The document notes that data center efficiency strategies should include an assessment of facility rack power supplies. The author notes that “as the last step in power conversion, low efficiency in the power supply can impact the entire power distribution of the facility.”

Every 1% loss in PSU efficiency will require more than 1% more power to achieve the same output. Efficient power supplies help data centers meet their sustainability goals. – Advanced Energy, “Achieving Energy Efficiency Goals in Data Centers”

By deploying highly efficient, space-saving power supplies, data centers can optimize overall system performance and density in a cost-effective manner. The document illustrates the cost savings of an efficient power supply, which can be significant. In the scenario presented, a data center could save almost $100,000 in electricity costs per year, which is equivalent to almost 23,000 barrels of oil.

The author also discusses the benefits of transitioning from 12 V to 48 V power shelves, noting that “48 V offers inherent efficiency gains, with 4 times less current and 16 times less distribution losses than 12 V”.

As more regulations are implemented in the US, Europe and beyond, it will be essential for data centers to seek new ways to reduce power consumption and improve efficiency. . According to Advanced Energy, efficient power supplies can help data centers meet and exceed these regulatory requirements.

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Rosemary C. Kearney