Jamshoro coal-fired power plant (Genco-1): KE interested in purchasing power

ISLAMABAD: K-Electric (KE) has expressed its interest in signing an agreement with the government of Pakistan for the purchase of electricity from the 2nd unit of the Jamshoro coal-fired electric plan (Genco-1). According to a letter from KE’s Managing Director (CEO), Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi, to Power Secretary Rashid Langrial, KE is currently finalizing its long-term business plan to meet the ever-increasing demand in the KE system for which it requires additional power beyond its upcoming BOPS 3 plant and a planned supply of 2,050 MW from National Grid.

In order to meet this growing need for electricity in the city of Karachi, KE plans to optimize its energy mix by installing a combination of renewable and baseload power plants based on indigenous resources such as local coal, which it believes is necessary. to provide baseload generation at relatively cheaper cost.

As part of KE’s assessment of possible options for base load plants, the electric utility is aware that the first phase of the Jamshoro coal-fired power project (with a capacity of 1 x 660 MW) is currently under development by Jamshoro Power Company (GENCO-1) and is expected to complete commissioning by the end of this year. Additionally, the second phase of this project, which will only use local coal, is also being planned.

Given the scenario, KE has expressed strong interest in purchasing power from the 2nd unit of Genco-1 and is also willing to oversee its further development, in case the GoP does not wish to undertake future development.

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The project was designed as a 2×660 MW complex and an early stage development, including the EPC tender process which has already been conducted for both units.

“We are of the opinion that KE’s involvement in the purchase of electricity from the 2nd unit, currently marked as a candidate in the IGCEP, can accelerate and complete the envisaged plan of a total capacity of 1320 MW. from this site while providing a cost effective base load solution to meet Karachi’s future demand,” Alvi said.

KE has requested time from Secretary Power for a meeting on this matter to discuss and understand the possibilities and the way forward as the electric utility actively seeks to add additional baseload beyond BQP 3 and National Grid’s 2050 MW to meet its project and is open to working with all relevant stakeholders to procure adequate, low-cost electricity for its service area.

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Rosemary C. Kearney