Microsoft makes some changes to Power Apps payment

Microsoft has announced a new payment option for its Power Apps.

The move means that in addition to its current user-based model, in which companies rent the services for each individual user, Microsoft is offering a pay-as-you-go plan, in which customers only pay for the duration actual application usage. functioning.

As Power Apps is strongly tied to Azure cloud services, the company says customers can use their Azure subscription to cover their Power Apps usage and Dataverse capacity.

“Historically, low-code platforms have required customers to determine their licensing needs in advance – often involving time-consuming procurement processes negotiated between developers, manufacturers and IT professionals,” said the company said in a statement. “While the scale and predictability of user-based licensing has many benefits, many scenarios today require the agility of a usage-based model.”

Ideal for newly created applications

Microsoft thinks the pay-as-you-go option will be a great solution for businesses that don’t know how many people will end up using a newly created app.

“When creating a new application, it is often difficult to predict how many users will want to use it, which makes it difficult to predict your licensing requirements in advance. Now you can start with the option pay-as-you-go to gauge usage patterns and then determine if purchasing a prepaid Power Apps subscription plan makes sense.

By letting teams pay for Power Apps through Azure subscriptions, and visualizing and allocating costs through Azure Cost Management and Azure Tags, companies will be able to allocate software license costs to departments and teams using the licenses.

Companies interested in using the new services simply need to bind the environment containing their applications to an Azure subscription. After that, whatever usage of Power Apps and Dataverse in this environment will be billed to the subscription.

Microsoft also introduced three new sets of Azure counters, to better track usage and costs: Power Apps per pay-as-you-go meter, Dataverse pay-as-you-go meters; and Power Platform requests a counter. You can read more about counters at this link.

Via: The Registry

Rosemary C. Kearney