Midweek Modular: Percussive Voices, Energy Sources and Hunger

Midweek Modular 22 ·

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This week we saw some nice new mods to elevate your modular and one that is determined to starve your system to destruction. Bring on Famine.

But first weird sound did a nice job of interpreting the EMS VCS3 for the Buchla 4U modular format. The synthesizer has been divided into three modules, the Triple Oscillator, the Dual Filter and the Envelope Shaper/Noise Generator. They could bring such a change of tone and mood to any Buchla modular system. Learn more here.

It was great to see a new range of mods from wild engineering. They seemed to offer offbeat and bold interpretations of oscillations, modulations, filtering and distortion. There are a lot of mutilations, deformations and convolutes, which is always a lot of fun. Learn more about them here.

Modal electronics seems to be about to reveal a Eurorack module based on part of the Modal 002. They teased that it would launch on September 7th but I haven’t seen anything yet. You can read more about teasing here.

Instrument also had some new modules. The stereo oscillator offers many versions of its sawtooth waveform or combines them into a lush super saw. Meanwhile, a simple function generator gives things shape. Learn more about them here.

Midweek Modular Pieces

Here are some modular news and features that I’m happy to highlight for this week’s Midweek Modular.

Micronova winter flower

The creator of the Caster & Pollux oscillator offers a tiny but powerful Eurorack power supply. It can deliver up to 18W of power, measures only 100 x 30mm and can be hidden in the bottom of your case. It has two DC connectors that will need to exit the back of your case, allowing you to connect multiple to the same power supply. Or you can use the screw terminals.

There’s an optional 4 HP wide power module that sports a reassuring green power switch. Not much happens other than an LED to let you know it’s working. I really appreciate the DC pass-thru, which is also on the module. Each power supply must have one, which means that you can use a single power supply to operate several of these power supplies by chaining them together.

Micronova winter flower

Micronova winter flower

On the power supply are two Eurorack power headers which can be extended using a bus card or flying bus cables which are not included, although Winterbloom offers them as a kit or assembled .

Micronova $124 or $157 with the module.

Harmony Flight Famine 1500, 500 and 250

Speaking of power, Flight of Harmony announced two new Famine mods, the 500 and 250, to add to the existing 1500. What is the relationship with power? Well, the Famine range are voltage controlled power cut modules. It deliberately starves your Eurorack of power, resulting in strange, unpredictable and possibly fatalistic behavior.

I remember when I first got into Eurorack I attended seminars where old mod enthusiasts were talking about the weird things that happen when you don’t have a proper power supply. It is exactly that, but doing it intentionally to make the weirdness happen. Flight of Harmony points out that this is experimental and could destroy your system.

Famine Harmony Flight

Famine Harmony Flight

I think the modules are essentially the same, the only difference being the size. The Famine 1500 is $177, 8HP wide, and already exists. Joining it are the 4HP Famine 500 for $177 which pre-orders are open for, and the 2HP Famine 250 for $197 which is yet to come. All will support modules on a riser card. You can then use switches to split the positive and negative rails, choose whether they reverse or mirror each other, then dial in how much you want to depower it and, I guess, let it go. LEDs shine brightest at 0v.

I’m too scared to even think of trying, but this is totally awesome and totally bonkers.

  • flight of harmony website.
  • No more Flight of Harmony.

Erica Synths LXR Drum Module Now Available

We saw it at the Superbooth. The LXR Drum module extracts the percussion sound engine from the LXR-02 and pastes it into Eurorack. It leaves the drum sequencing bit behind and gives you 6 drum and percussion voices handled by 7 trigger and accent inputs. There are plenty of parameters inside that can be modulated via the 5 assignable CV inputs.

You can use 3 voices to create basslines and other melody pieces and assign a CV input to handle the 1v/oct setting. There are 4 assignable outputs and also an FX section. There’s an SD card slot for easy transfer of kits – they’re compatible with the LXR-02 – and for firmware updates.

It’s a pretty epic digital drum machine that will enjoy being driven by any trigger sequencer you have in your Eurorack.


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The LXR drum module will ship at the end of September for €420 excluding VAT.

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Midweek Modular 22

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