More homeowners could install solar panels as part of Johnson plan

SPRINGFIELD – Homeowners’ associations couldn’t stop Illinois households from switching to greener energy under a plan sponsored by State Senator Adriane Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove), which passed by the Senate.

“Solar panels are one of the best tools we have for making our homes greener and cleaner,” Johnson said. “Homeowners who want to install this technology on their own property shouldn’t have to struggle with obstacles and delays.”

The legislation would expand the Homeowners Energy Policy Statement Act to prevent homeowners associations from enacting policies that outright or effectively prohibit their members from installing solar power systems on buildings less than 60 feet in height. which do not have a common roof. Currently, the law only covers buildings less than 30 feet in height.

Homeowners associations could still determine the configuration of the solar power system on a roof, provided that the new configuration does not in any way prohibit installation or limit energy production by more than 10%.

Johnson’s initiative would also shorten the time it takes for landowner associations to respond to requests to install solar energy systems or requests for policy statements, thus helping to reduce the delays for people wanting to install solar panels. on their house.

“The shift to solar power is better for the planet and our wallets,” Johnson said. “I am delighted to see this legislation move forward, opening the door for more residents to reduce their environmental footprint.”

Bill 644 was passed by the Senate on Thursday with bipartisan support.


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