MSI MEG PCIe 5.0/ATX 3.0 power supplies are ready for future high performance GPUs, can sustain up to 3x power excursion

MSI’s new MEG power supplies are ready for next-gen GPUs

MSI has been teasing its PCIe Gen5 power supplies for months now.

The company has confirmed that it works with 1300W and 1000W power supplies with 80 Plus Titanium certification. These are next-gen PCIe Gen 5.0 compatible power supplies that will support upcoming NVIDIA RTX 40 GPUs (and possibly other vendors, but so far only NVIDIA has introduced this new power connector for its RTX 3090 Ti GPU).

According to MSI, their MEG Ai1300/1000P are compatible with future high-performance graphics cards. These power supplies will deliver up to 600W of power through the 12VHPWR 16-pin connector. None of these power supplies have dual 16-pin connectors.

MSI MEG Ai1300/1000P power supplies, Source: @g01d3nm4ng0

Interestingly, MSI has confirmed that its upcoming MEG supplies are not only PCIe 5.0 compatible, but also ATX 3.0 compatible. This apparently means the PSU can handle 2x total power excursion and 3x GPU power excursion. For a rumored GeForce RTX 4090 with 450W power, that means MSI MEG PSUs can hold up to 1350W of maximum GPU power.

MSI MEG Ai1300/1000P power supplies, Source: @g01d3nm4ng0

These new power supplies are expected to launch soon. Previous rumors indicated that we might learn more about PCIe 5.0 power supplies at Computex, but only a few brands have released their devices with full Gen5 compatibility yet.

Source: @g01d3nm4ng0

Rosemary C. Kearney