New Shreveport neighborhood will have the capacity to run solely on solar energy

By Brandy Campbell

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SHREVEPORT, Louisiana (KTBS) – Trinity Bluff is a new neighborhood under construction in Shreveport, and it will be its own micro-grid within the SWEPCO network.

It is located on Old Mooringsport Highway, near the North Highlands region. KTBS met with SWEPCO to discuss this one-of-a-kind neighborhood for the company.

“We kind of call it an island,” said Chelsea Adcock, marketing coordinator for SWEPCO’s consumer programs. “It is the ability to disconnect this community and these 82 households from the larger network, if necessary.”

This pilot program is led by SWEPCO, which partners with DSLD Homes to bring homes to life. DSLD has a strong presence in Shreveport and Bossier with eight neighborhoods already built in the region.

“DSLD has always strived to find energy efficient products and qualities for our homes,” said Angela Ryan, DSLD Builders Sales Representative for Trinity Bluff. “So we were happy to enter into this agreement. “

This new neighborhood will also be a first for the DSLD, but that’s not far from what they aim to do.

“We’ve always been known for building quality homes that are energy efficient with, you know, a very affordable price,” Ryan said. “This kind of takes us to the next level.”

What makes this neighborhood different is the use of solar panels. A solar panel will be installed on a cliff behind the neighborhood.

SWEPCO officials said it was land that could not have been used to build houses. This solar panel will be built to power homes and connect to the grid.

“We’re planning to have around 750 kilowatts of panels,” Adcock said. “It will power a battery storage system. And then there is a battery management system that will deploy the electricity stored in these batteries ”,

Many remember the impact February’s winter storm had on homes and businesses. Most of them found themselves without electricity. This solar panel could help the neighborhood in this type of situation.

“The idea of ​​the solar panel with the back-up battery storage system, is to test it and see, okay, if there is a larger extended outage on the grid, how much electricity is needed for it. power those homes to help them get through the blackout for when power can be restored, ”Adcock said.

The solar panel will serve Trinity Bluff but also the larger SWEPCO network. Solar street lights will also be installed. The houses will have an air-source heat pump that converts the air conditioning units to create heat in the summer.

Smart thermostats, LED lighting and induction hobs will also be placed in homes, making them energy efficient. SWEPCO plans to keep an eye on how these items and the solar panel will help residents and their pockets over time.

“Being able to compare existing, highest efficiency, energy efficient DSLD homes, DSLDs, homes in this community and then see how the different technologies within the home help reduce and manage a customer’s SWEPCO bill each month.” , Adcock said.

The model homes are expected to be completed between August and September. Neighborhood of houses already sold to those who want to live in the neighborhood. These should also be ready to move in around August and September.

Homes are priced between $ 252,990 and $ 318,990. You can contact DSLD Homes if you are interested in the Trinity Bluff area. Click here to visit the Trinity Bluff DSLD site.

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