New study suggests US is heading for a renewable future

The United States has the capacity to build an energy system around clean, renewable resources, according to a new report released Thursday, June 3, 2021 by Environment America Research and Policy Center and Frontier Group. The study, “We Have the Power: Reaching America’s Potential for Clean, Renewable Energy,” finds that the United States has abundant renewable resources to meet all of its energy needs.

“To a visitor from a century ago, America in 2021 would be incredibly advanced in all but one respect: we still rely on dirty and dangerous fossil fuels to meet our energy needs,” said Susan Rakov, president of the ‘Environment America Research and Policy Center’s. Clean energy program. “But it doesn’t have to be that way. This report shows that between the sun and the wind, we have the potential to run our society with clean energy, now and in the future.

The report found that the US solar energy resources have the technical potential to meet the United States’ demand for electricity more than 77 times in 2020, and that the onshore and offshore wind resources of the United States could meet. 11 times the demand of the United States in 2020. Additionally, all 50 states have sufficient solar or wind potential to meet current electricity needs, and 49 have enough to do so in a 2050 scenario in which energy uses such as transport and buildings run on electricity.

In addition to describing the renewable potential, the authors highlight the broad consensus among researchers that an energy system powered by renewable sources is within reach. This analysis adds to this body of research by identifying four key strategies that will be essential for the transformation of the country’s energy system: building renewable energies; modernize the network; reduce and manage energy consumption; and replace direct uses of fossil fuels with electricity to take advantage of clean technologies. The paper indicates encouraging trends in technology, pricing and adoption that suggest that progress in each of the four areas may be further accelerated in the years to come.

“How quickly America turns to wind and solar will depend on how and when we look at fully erecting the four pillars outlined in this report,” said Emma Searson, director of the 100% renewable campaign at the Environment America Research and Policy Center. “Given the technological advancements and remarkable progress we’ve made so far, we need to be confident in our ability to build each one of them. “

The report calls on policymakers at local, state and federal levels to set ambitious goals for the transition to clean and renewable energy, as well as to provide the support needed to ensure that clean energy can actually meet these goals.

“We know the steps we need to take to ensure a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future,” Searson said. “But this race won’t happen on its own – our leaders need to set up mileage markers, put on their sneakers and start running so America can harness the abundant renewable resources at hand.”

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