Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti reportedly canceled due to melting GPU power supplies

The new Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Ti may not be released as the powerful GPU has been reported to melt down, destroying itself and the PC’s power supplies.

During NVIDIA’s own green room testing, the GPU maker reportedly discovered that its most powerful Lovelace GPU melted itself and in the process destroyed PC power supplies. Concerns about GPU performance potentially led NVIDIA not to release it.

The report comes as prices for NVIDIA’s previous generation RTX 3090 GPUs have begun to drop, with Amazon offering early access sales on various models. Despite realistic pricing, many PC gamers were eager to try out the next-gen RTX GPU, which offers an almost 50% performance boost over the previous generation.


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A source close to YouTuber Moore Right is Dead (a popular tech, gaming, and lifestyle writer and podcast personality) reported that the NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti is just too powerful right now. Also, the source mentioned that the RTX 4090 Ti will not be released anytime soon. Supposedly, the powerful GPU would blow circuit breakers, melt power supplies, and sometimes the GPU itself would also melt. Despite these concerning hardware failures, NVIDIA’s green team still has time to fix the issue and figure out a way to create a working RTX 4090 Ti.

NVIDIA found itself with increased competition over the years as Intel struggled to create a comparable GPU at lower prices. PC gamers are generally looking for the most power for their money, and GPU space is ultra-competitive.

RTX features have become popular among PC gamers, especially since RTX enhancements improve gameplay and graphics. rates. PC gamers are known to have a penchant for pushing the boundaries of gaming performance, and the RTX 4090 Ti would have been a popular option among those craving high-end 4K gameplay and live streaming.

Various partner-branded 3080 Ti cards made news in 2021 and 2022 when GPUs seemed to fail, leaving gamers with a black screen and tearful GPU fans. Many gamers blamed Amazon Game’s MMORPG New world for the GPU failures, while others blamed the poor build quality of the partner brand GPUs themselves. Sure, NVIDIA wanted to redefine GPU power with the RTX 4090 Ti, but if these reports are true, gamers may have to wait to see this technology working in a safe and usable way.

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Source: Techspot

Rosemary C. Kearney