Offshore wind turbine catches fire at Horns Rev 1

Vattenfall and Ørsted investigate a turbine in their condominium 160MW Horns Rev 1 Horns Rev 1 (160MW) OffshoreBlåvandshuk, Southern Denmark, Denmark, Europe Click to see all the details wind farm off Denmark caught fire.

The developers are analyzing why the Vestas V80-2.0MW turbine caught fire on May 22 and have established a 500-meter safety zone around the turbine in which ships are not allowed to circulate.

No employees were at the wind farm at the time and no one was injured, Vattenfall said.

The fire was limited to a single turbine, so the overall electricity supply for the project was not affected.

Horns Rev 1 is located 20 km off the west coast of Jutland, Denmark. It was the world’s first large-scale offshore wind farm to be commissioned – in 2002 – and consisted of 80 Vestas V80-2.0MW turbines.

Vattenfall operates Horns Rev 1 and owns 60% of the wind farm, while Ørsted owns the remaining 40%.

A platform had already caught fire at the wind farm in October 2018.

A Vestas spokesperson added that the manufacturer had not been responsible for maintaining the wind farm for ten years. He said: “Vestas is aware of the situation at Horns Rev 1 and is available to assist the wind farm owner with root cause analysis of the incident if necessary. The wind farm is not under a service contract with Vestas. “

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