OPPD alerts the public of fraudulent solar energy calls

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – When listening to the sales pitch for solar power phone deals, keep your eyes peeled for red flags.

After receiving a recent electric bill, Matt Spielman was able to see why installing a solar home system is a brilliant idea.

“On solar panels, I saved $ 75 this month,” said Matt Spielman, a solar home customer.

An OPPD solar expert says that for customers like Matt, the sun is not setting to reduce electricity bills.

“He uses the system like a battery. So he’s produced electricity during the day that he can use at night, and he’s doing it instead of buying new electricity, ”said Kirk Estee, OPPD.

Matt estimates that the $ 11,000 spent on a solar system will pay off in about six to seven years. With the growing popularity of solar for homes, OPPD wishes to shed light on suspicious calls and offers to install panels and systems.

“The OPPD does not endorse or endorse any particular company in this way,” Estee said.

“Not many people know about electrical work and solar panels in general, as long as they are willing to educate you and give you the time. It’s also a good idea if they want to work with you, ”Spielman said.

Homeowner and OPPD alternative energy expert say that before investing in a home solar system, it’s worth asking all questions under the sun.

“To make sure you check them out, so they don’t get exploited or misplaced,” Estee said.

If you have questions about connecting a solar home system to the grid, you can find answers on the OPPD website.

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