Plans revealed to cover nine municipal buildings with solar panels in clean energy campaign

Plans have been revealed to cover eight municipal buildings with solar panels as part of a clean energy campaign.

Eight separate planning applications were recently filed by South Somerset District Council to install solar panels on the roofs of public buildings in the district.

The buildings include the Westland Leisure Center, Goldenstones Pool and the Petters House City Council Office.

The council revealed that the plans are part of a commitment to make the local authority “carbon neutral” by 2030 or earlier.

A board statement reads: “To help us achieve this goal, we have reviewed our largest energy consuming sites with ongoing assessments and work is underway to adapt efficient and renewable energy technologies. .

“Part of this includes installing solar PV panels which have to go through the planning process.

“We will also be installing more insulation, double glazing, LED lighting, all to help us reduce carbon-intensive energy and go a long way in achieving our goal of carbon neutrality.”

Planning requests will be studied in the weeks and months to come.

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The buildings concerned by the requests are:

  • Jon O’Donnell Pavilion at Yeovil Recreation Center
  • Westland Sports Club House on Westbourne Close
  • Wincanton Sports Center
  • Westland Leisure Complex
  • Lufton Depot on Artillery Road
  • The Ranger Office at Ham Hill
  • Golden stones swimming pool
  • Petters House Council Offices

The news comes after Dorset Council recently gave the green light for the construction of a huge 120-acre solar park in Clifton Maybank, near Bradford Abbas.

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