Strong demand prompted GN to raise funds for renewable energy sources in cabins

The Government of Nunavut has increased the funding available through its Cottage Renewable Energy Grant Program by $100,000 due to strong demand from Nunavummiut.

Originally $172,000 had been set aside for the initiative as of Nov. 22, but 82 requests from Nunavummiut poured in to the Climate Change Secretariat for financial assistance to install solar or wind systems on cottages.

A total of 57 such projects have been supported so far, according to Environment Minister David Akeeagok, addressing the Legislative Assembly on March 14.

The Department of Environment has also partnered with the Nunavut Housing Corporation to provide a grant of up to $30,000 under the Renewable Energy Homeowners Grant Program. This is intended to cover up to half the cost of installing a solar system. It allows homeowners to participate in Qulliq Energy Corporation’s net metering program, feeding excess energy into the grid for use by the power company and providing the homeowner with a credit on their power bill .

“The demand for these programs shows that Nunavummiut support the development of clean energy initiatives in the territory,” said Akeeagok. “Together, we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions while increasing our self-sufficiency in the face of climate change.”

Rosemary C. Kearney