Uniting to Fuel Business Recovery – Global Policymakers Gather at IMEX Policy Forum

Published on: Friday, June 3, 2022

More than 35 policy makers from 19 countries gathered at the Policy Forum, held yesterday as part of IMEX in Frankfurt.

The IMEX Policy Forum takes place annually and provides a collaborative global discussion platform to encourage the creation of policies that directly benefit the global meetings and business events industry.

The aim of this year’s Open Forum, held at the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, was to help set the agenda for future high-level discussions and build better partnerships and understanding. between policy makers and industry. The session was a combination of panel discussions and “provocative panels” designed to ask the most pressing questions of the moment.

Topics included the post-pandemic landscape and the role of the meetings industry in the global business recovery. Metrics and data, effective storytelling, D&I, sustainability, and greater collaboration between industry and government stakeholders were cited as ways to create better partnerships and mutual understanding.

The revitalization of cities could also be key to the future of the corporate events sector, as Professor Greg Clark CBE, moderator of The Business of Cities explained: “The pandemic has caused a loss of confidence in the idea of ​​human concentration in city centers, that is to say there. is necessary to reinvent them. Going forward, trade events should see if they can be a part of this revitalization, as it would have the greatest multiplier impact for anyone.

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Rosemary C. Kearney