Wind – US Wind announces major progress in offshore wind

“As a result of the successes we have had in developing MarWin, US Wind is poised to offer Maryland its most ambitious clean energy project to date and, with it, the first permanent steelmaking facility for Maryland. state offshore wind turbines, ”said Jeff Grybowski. , CEO of American wind power.

“Developing Momentum Wind and Sparrows Point Steel to full capacity will give Maryland the opportunity to bring steel back to Baltimore and become the epicenter of offshore wind manufacturing. “

At full capacity, Momentum Wind would consist of up to 82 turbines and will be Maryland’s most ambitious clean energy project, capable of fully meeting the state’s offshore wind energy goals and making substantial progress towards meeting Maryland’s renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Catalyzed by a historic 90-acre lease with Tradepoint Atlantic at Sparrows Point Shipyard, the former headquarters of Bethlehem Steel, US Wind will build on port investment already initiated through the MarWin Project to facilitate the investment of An additional $ 150 million to develop Sparrows Point Steel, Maryland’s first manufacturing facility dedicated to building offshore wind foundations, known as monopiles.

“The combination of expanding offshore wind and hosting steel at Sparrows Point is truly a watershed moment for Tradepoint Atlantic,” said Kerry Doyle, Managing Director of Tradepoint Atlantic.

“We are here today because the private and public sectors have systematically come together to reinvent this iconic site and once again make it a place where thousands of hard-working Marylanders can find well-paying jobs and support themselves. families. US Wind’s vision for the future and its commitment to establishing essential elements of the offshore wind supply chain at Tradepoint Atlantic is transformational and we look forward to working with them for many years to come. Ultimately, there is a lot of work to be done to keep Maryland well positioned in this emerging industry and Tradepoint Atlantic will continue to be a national leader pushing for even greater growth and success. As Marylanders we should be very proud – offshore wind is here and steel is back. “

Sparrows Point Steel has the potential to be one of the largest offshore wind transit ports in the United States. With extensive yard and storage lots, considerable dock access and an adjacent dry dock, Sparrows Point Steel would be one of the most competitive wind logistics hubs on the East Coast, capable of organizing and delivering multiple components. wind turbines, such as nacelles, towers and blades, as well as foundations.

“The State of Maryland is proud to support this transformative and groundbreaking partnership between US Wind and Tradepoint Atlantic, two of Maryland’s economic recovery leaders,” said Governor Larry Hogan.

“Offshore wind presents a unique opportunity to expand and diversify our economy and our energy portfolio. Maryland is proud to continue to be an example of strong environmental leadership, and I have no doubts that we will be a leader in offshore wind development for decades to come.

“Tradepoint Atlantic in Baltimore County provides an ideal location for the development of an offshore wind industry in Maryland, and I am delighted that US Wind and others are investing in our community, creating jobs and building a sustainable future.” , said the Baltimore County Manager. Johnny Olszewski. “Sparrows Point’s legacy is built on good jobs for families, and I am excited about the prospect of manufacturing returning to this historic site. “

Focused on local jobs and economic impact

Through the development, construction and operation phases of Momentum Wind, the project can support thousands of jobs in Maryland and directly lead to the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in Maryland’s economy. The benefits of Momentum Wind’s 1,200 MW construction for the Maryland economy are huge:

  • Direct construction jobs: around 3,500
  • Labor income in construction (direct jobs): over $ 300 million
  • Direct operations jobs: around 100
  • Labor income from operations (25 years, direct jobs): over $ 500 million

The added economic benefits from Sparrows Point Steel are game-changers for the state. When the facility is fully operational, it will support more than 500 permanent local jobs; generate over $ 1 billion in labor income over 20 years; and increase Maryland’s GDP by $ 6.9 billion over 20 years.

US Wind has made substantial commitments to the region’s major building and construction trades to provide the skilled workforce needed to build both Momentum Wind and Sparrows Point Steel. The investment in Sparrows Point Steel also adds a new dimension to the economic benefits of Maryland’s offshore wind program by creating 500 permanent full-time manufacturing jobs. An agreement with the United Steelworkers to support the operations of Sparrows Point Steel is of particular historical significance to the United Steelworkers and the greater Baltimore community, which flourished while Bethlehem Steel was still in operation.

“Sparrows Point has always been a sacred place to me and my fellow Steelworkers,” said Jim Strong, assistant manager, United Steelworkers. “We are thrilled to be a part of US Wind’s visionary plans to bring steel back to Baltimore, to this sacred land. US Wind is committed to supporting thousands of union jobs to support families and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them in this new endeavor.

“The construction trades are eager to put steel in the water off the coast of Maryland with US Wind to not only create a clean source of renewable energy, but also to ensure that construction workers will receive union wages to support the family, ”said Stephen Courtien, president, Baltimore-DC Building and Construction Trades.

US Wind is the only offshore wind company in America exclusively focused on developing clean energy and jobs for Maryland. With its headquarters in Baltimore, US Wind has made every effort to create local jobs in Maryland – from Baltimore to Ocean City. With a team of top-notch professionals with extensive experience in involving Maryland small businesses and minorities in large construction projects, US Wind offers with Momentum Wind a comprehensive program to develop local business talent through innovative small business incubator and mentoring programs.

“Investing in renewable energy sources like offshore wind will not only help us tackle the threats of climate change, but will also create thousands of clean energy jobs and boost Maryland’s economy, creating more opportunities in our communities, ”said US Senator Chris Van Hollen. “This project will have a big impact on our state – supporting well-paying union jobs on the east coast in Baltimore. This is a victory for our economy, our environment and, most importantly, the workers of Maryland. I will continue to work at the federal level to support the responsible development of offshore wind and a clean energy standard to encourage renewable sources.

“This announcement further strengthens Maryland’s position as a national leader in creating clean energy jobs in our state,” said US Senator Ben Cardin. “Offshore wind will help deliver President Biden’s Build Back Better program to jumpstart the economy and our national commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change. “

“For over a century, the steel that literally built our country has been produced right here at Sparrows Point. Now, with US Wind and United Steelworkers, this legacy will continue, providing more jobs that will support more local families, ”said Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger. “It will also help lay the groundwork for our country’s new clean energy economy, with the potential to become the largest offshore wind transit ports in America. The Maryland federal delegation has secured tens of millions of federal funds to support the Tradepoint Atlantic project and we will continue to fight for resources to transport Sparrows Point to a 21st transit center of the century.

“I am delighted that US Wind, which is headquartered in my district, is considering bringing steelmaking and well-paying union jobs back to Baltimore,” said Maryland Senate Speaker Bill Ferguson. “It’s great to see how the political agendas we adopt in Annapolis transform into the growth of an emerging clean energy industry in our state. This progress will contribute to our efforts to urgently tackle the climate crisis. “

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