World’s Largest Floating Wind Power Project Completed

Cobra Wind has commissioned the Kincardine floating wind farm near the Scottish coast for Pilot Offshore Renewables. With 50 MW, it is the largest installation of this type.

The American Bureau of Shipping or ABS, which has ranked Kincardine Offshore Wind as the world’s largest floating wind farm, has revealed that its installation is complete. Vestas supplied five V164 turbines of 9.53 MW each, while one V80 machine, with a capacity of 2 MW, has been online since 2018.

The facility has been installed over 110 square kilometers in the North Sea, just 15 kilometers from Scotland. The turbines were placed on triangular semi-submersible foundations, towed to position and moored with four lines each at the bottom at depths of 60 to 80 meters.

Turbines are ships

Pilot Offshore Renewables has engaged the Spanish company Cobra Wind of the ACS group for the engineering, design, supply, construction and commissioning of offshore wind vessels with a combined capacity of nearly 50 MW. They said the expected annual output would be 218 GWh, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 55,000 Scottish homes.

The six units carry the flags of the Republic of the Marshall Islands

As the six units are technically ships, the developers assigned them Republic of the Marshall Islands flags in cooperation with ABS. Pilot Offshore Renewables is controlled by MacAskill Associates and Renewable Energy Ventures.

Kincardine is apparently the first floating wind farm with turbines over 9 MW. Bourbon Subsea Services took care of the installation.

China catches up with UK in offshore wind

As for the wider offshore wind market, a new report has shown that Germany, with 7.7 GW, lost its second place in the world to China in the first half of the year. New regulations in Europe’s largest economy have kept construction activity at zero for the third time, the World Forum Offshore Wind said.

The UK remained at the top of the rankings with 10.4 GW and China reached 7.9 GW adding 834 MW this year until the end of June. However, the most populous country has 5.3 GW in the pipeline compared to Britain’s 3.7 GW. The Netherlands is fourth on the list with 2.6 GW installed in total.

More than 10 GW are under construction, 53% of which is in Chinese waters

Global offshore wind capacity has climbed to 34.1 GW, up from 4.8 GW as of 2012. There are currently only 169 such installations in the world. More than 10 GW are under construction, 53% of which is in Chinese waters.

Hornsea 2 in the UK is the largest offshore wind farm currently under construction. Its planned capacity is 1.4 GW. The project includes 165 Siemens Gamesa turbines.

The world increased capacity by just 1.6 GW in the first half of the year, which is a slowdown. Six farms were built: in China, Denmark, the
Netherlands and Taiwan.

The European Union intends to increase capacity 25-fold to 300 GW by 2050. The European Parliament warned in July of the negative impacts of new offshore wind farms on fishing in Union waters European.

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