Wyoming Solar Array to Provide Convenient Search

In a press release, Creative Energies announced a donation of $ 10,000 to the planned solar installation of the 9H Research Foundation.

Paul Bonifas, chief operating officer of 9H, said the 0.5 MW grid will occupy five acres of land on the 9H ranch in Laramie, and plans to reach up to three MW at some point in the future, this which corresponds to the amount of energy used. by the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Wyoming.

Bonifas said the goal of the project is more to encourage research than to generate electricity, as several of the grid’s solar panels were designed by students at the University of Wyoming.

“The primary objective is not to generate electricity, that will obviously happen, but it is really to shine as an example, a beacon, of what is possible, and to encourage the industry to s ‘Set up here. Companies are increasingly looking to be powered by clean energy, so this might just be an example for them, “maybe we should consider developing this or that industrial operation in Wyoming.”

Annie Studer, Marketing Director of Creative Energies Solar, said she hopes the solar panel will help spur renewable energy innovation in Wyoming.

“Wyoming can really lead the way with this facility. Renewable energy is the future … it will generate innovation, jobs and certainly economic benefits. Coal is, there is less and less demand. for that, Wyoming must free itself to explore other income. “

The 0.5 MW solar system outside of Laramie will generate 976,200 kilowatt hours per year, using $ 300,000 worth of solar panels, or 1,152 panels, donated by the First Solar Company, along with a donation of 500,000. $ from the founder of 9H, Gene Humphry.

According to Bonifas, the 0.5 MW solar installation plans to start digging the foundation in a few weeks, and will begin installing the electronics in October, with the project ending by the end of the year.

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